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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & Research)

Professor Brian Imrie is Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Research) at KDU Penang University College. He graduated with a PhD (Marketing from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He has published in a number of internationally peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings in the field of Marketing. His research interests have explored the cultural influence upon service quality evaluation, tribal marketing, consumer behaviour, and customer relationship management. Due to the theory building characteristics of much of his research he has a stated preference for qualitative and mixed method approaches. He is currently supervising two (2) PhD students. The first study models the attributes of exporting entrepreneurs in a SME context, while another study examines how marketing communication influences child obesity.

Before joining as lecturer in KDU Penang University College, in the School of Engineering, Computing, and Built Environment, Dr. Chuah Hun Guan was an engineer who was involved in mechanical machine design and product manufacturing production activities. Now, he predominantly teaches computer modeling and design subjects for the Mechanical Engineering programme. Completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2013, Dr Chuah’s research activities focus upon the study of the relationship between the mechanical testing method, surface properties and the mechanical bahaviour of materials. The modelling of mechanical behaviour and friction interface is attained via both analytical analysis and experimental work. His other research areas are concerned with the material dislocation for small scale indentation particularly for metal materials and also the investigation of the change in the micro structure and material property.

Dr. Gomesh Nair has joined KDU Penang University College since April 2016 as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering. He has more than 8 years of experience serving the public university in teaching and research. Dr Gomesh received numerous national, international and excellence in research award from prestigious exhibitions such as ITEX, MTE, i-ENVEX, I-INOVA, BioMALAYSIA, PECIPTA, British Innovation Show (BIS) and Seoul International Invention Fair (SIFF). He obtained his PhD in 2015 from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) in the area of Solar Cell. Dr Gomesh’s research interest include Electrical machine design, Microhydro technology, wind energy and inverter design. Throughout his research contribution, he has published various research journals, proceedings and book chapters as well as filling up several patents. Besides from establishing a centre of excellence for renewable energy (CERE), Dr Gomesh has also successfully acquired RM 900,000.00 worth of research grants to fund his research projects. He has provided supervision to several postgraduate and undergraduate students in completing their dissertations. In the coming years, Dr. Gomesh aspires to set up a renewable energy research centre in KDU University College in the hope of becoming a solar and wind monitoring hub in the northern region.

Dr Irhanida has been a Senior Lecturer in KDU Penang University College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts since 2009. She has a background in Town and Country Planning and earned her undergraduate degree in this field. Within pursuing her postgraduate studies she focussed on Tourism and in 2008 graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism Planning. She then went on to complete her PhD in the same field in 2010. Since completing her PhD studies Dr Irhanida has actively participated in tourism research projects with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia as well as other tourism bodies.
Specialising in alternative tourism, Dr Irhanida views Event Tourism as an area of tourism that would benefit from academic development. According to her, events have grown to enormous proportions and now make a significant contribution to the tourism industry. Events attract tourists to many destinations, encourage investment, and create a destination’s image. Thus, it is important to evaluate the event’s quality as it influences the satisfaction and revisit intention of tourists visiting events and festivals in Penang. This is to ensure a continued supply of tourists, subsequently boosting the local economy. In her current research, quantitative research method is employed. The relationship among the quality, satisfaction and behavioural intention will be tested using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The results will g