KDU University College offers student accommodation in several apartments scattered around the vicinity of the college. All these apartments are fully furnished and located within walking distance from the college. Types of room available are based on single, twin-sharing, triple-sharing or quadruple-sharing. For further information, please click here.

The SSD compiles a list of private houses/rooms in the surrounding areas, which are available for rent to students. Students have a number of choices from which to choose, ranging from non-furnished to fully furnished rooms, family houses, bachelor houses and condominium units. The monthly rental charged depends on the type of room chosen (single occupancy, twin-sharing, triple-sharing or quadruple-sharing) and how well-furnished the room is. The SSD will assist students in search of suitable accommodation. However, please note that there is no guarantee that students will be able to secure a private room/house that matches their expectations and requirements within a day as it is subject to availability.

Applicants can obtain the Student Accommodation Brochure and Accommodation Application Form from the SSD. For further inquiries and clarification, please feel free to contact the Housing Office Executive at (604) 238 6368 ext. 6231/6233 ; Fax to (604) 228 0054 or E-mail to

Students are not guaranteed a placement until and unless being notified by Housing Office Executive.
For further information, students may contact Ms Joey Phuah at 604-238 6230 or e-mail to

KDU University College Penang Hostels

As a premier higher education centre, KDU University College Penang is complete with accommodation facilities ranging from hostel apartments to hostel residences for both local and international students.

Hostel building and security booth

Study Room

Common Area

Laundry Room

TV Lounge


The hostels are all fully furnished, well-maintained and comfortably equipped with basic amenities. Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of the premises. However, professional cleaners are engaged for thorough weekly cleaning. 24-hour security services are provided to ensure residents' safety. Facilities avaliable are central kitchen, dining hall, laundry room with washing machines, a common TV room, study rooms, vending machine, refrigerator, microwave and etc.

Types of Rooms:




Students are advised to bring their own:
  • Toiletries
  • Floor mat
  • Washing detergents
  • Bedding materials
  • Cutleries eg. fork, spoon, plate, cup, etc.
  • Dried food like instant noodles, biscuits, snacks and pre-packed beverages

The above items are also sold at nearby shopping complexes. Residents staying in the same house may make their own arrangement to share cooking utensils, TV or Radio sets.

All students residing in KDU hostels are required to make up their beds at all times ad keep the cleanliness of your own room.
New Application:
  1. Check the room availability with SSD personnel, fill in the Accommodation Application Form and submit it to the SSD at least four weeks prior to the start of the semester;
  2. Upon confirmation of availability, a RM 100 booking fee* is to be paid;
    * The booking fee will be used to offset the rental payment for the term when you check-in.
    * Booking fee is NOT refundable if you terminate the booking.
  3. Contact SSD personnel three weeks before the beginning of the semester to confirm your acceptance of accommodation;Fix a date with the SSD to collect your keys and move into your room
  4. Fix a date with the SSD to collect your keys and move into your room

Before collecting your keys; you are required to:

  • Sign the "Disclaimer of Liability" and "check-in & out checklist forms".
  • Pay the housing deposit of RM 180 for non air conditioned/ RM 580 for air-conditioned room.
  • Pay the rental for the term.

Please note:
  • Students are not guaranteed a place until and unless informed by SSD personnel.
  • Students may specify room preference, however the allocations of rooms will subject to availability.

Renewal of Tenancy
  1. Residents who wish to continue their stay at the hostel for the following term are required to renew their tenancy one month before the end of the current term, so that they can be given priority before the next intake. Forms can be obtained from the SSD.
  2. The housing deposit of RM180/ RM580 will then be carried forward to the following term.
  3. A reservation fee equivalent to one month rental needs to be paid.
  4. A late payment fee of RM 10 per day will be imposed on all unpaid housing fees after the first 7 days after issue of invoice.

Termination of Tenancy
  1. The room rental for the term is NOT refundable if you wish to terminate the tenancy before the term ends.
  2. A one-month notice must be given when a resident does not wish to continue staying in the accommodation assigned.
  3. Students are required to fill in the hostel deposit refund form when requesting for the return of housing deposit.
  4. The refund will only be processed when students return the house keys to the SSD.

Deposits and Refunds
  1. Room rental and booking fee** is NOT REFUNDABLE.
  2. The housing deposit of RM 180 / RM 580 will only be refunded upon the termination of the resident's tenancy. All fines due to loss, damages, misconduct or breaking of hostels rules must be paid prior to the final examinations, Residents failing to settle the fines by then may be barred from sitting for their final examinations.
  3. Students who have paid the booking fee are required to check in within the first seven days of the semester, otherwise accommodation reserved will be offered to other students.
  4. The refund process will take about 14-28 days.

**Booking fee of RM100 will only be refunded if KDU University College Penang is unable to provide any accommodation for the students in any of the hostels.


1.1 Rental is charged according to semester. Each semester is equivalent to 4 months as shown in the table below:

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
January – MarchApril – JuneJuly – SeptemberOctober – December

1.2 Students may move into their hostels one week before the start of each semester and move out one week after their last exam.

1.3 Rental must be paid in full within 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) from the start of each semester. A late payment fee of RM50 per week will be imposed on ALL outstanding amounts.



2.1 Keys will only be issued after all the following deposits have been paid in full:

Type of DepositMale/ Female Hostel
Non Air-Con RoomAir-Con Room
* KeysRM20RM20
# Housing/ UtilitiesRM160RM560
Total PayableRM180RM580

* The key deposit is refundable. However, failure to return the full set of keys on time will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

# The housing/ utilities deposit will be refunded upon termination of tenancy, provided that all hostel fines (e.g. for damage, misconduct, breaking hostel rules, etc.) and excess utility charges have been paid before the final examinations. Residents who fail to settle their fines on time may be barred from taking the final examinations.

2.2 Refunds of hostel deposits will be processed after the latest utility bills have been checked against the capped amount. Should there be any excess, the balance will be billed to the residents on a pro rata basis.

2.3 The refund process will take 14-28 days.

2.4 Booking fees and rental paid are NOT REFUNDABLE.



3.1 Utility charges (for electricity and water) borne by the College for each hostel are capped at the following rates:

Male & Female Hostels (Non Air-Conditioned)RM300/month
Male & Female Hostels (Air-Conditioned)RM500/month

3.2 All EXCESS utility charges will be borne by the residents of each unit.



4.1 Students may check in and out at the following times:
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm

4.2 Students who wish to check in after normal working hours are advised to make an appointment with the SSD at least 3 days in advance. The SSD may not be able to check in students who turn up after working hours without an appointment.

4.3 Students are advised not to check in before the specified check-in date. The Hostel Management cannot guarantee the availability of accommodation before the specified check-in date.

4.4 Students are reminded to go to the SSD upon checking out to apply for deposit refunds.



5.1 A set of keys will be issued upon checking in.

5.2 Residents are fully responsible for their keys and are not allowed to duplicate them or lend them to anyone under any circumstances. Misuse of hostel keys may lead to eviction.

5.3 Residents who damage or lose their hostel keys must report the damage/loss to the SSD immediately and will be charged RM20. For security reasons, a new set of locks will be installed and new keys issued to all residents.

5.4 Students locked out of their accommodation may borrow a set of keys from the SSD for a fee (RM5 during office hours, RM10 after office hours). The borrowed keys must be returned to the SSD on the same day, failing which disciplinary action may be taken.

5.5 Residents are responsible for their own safety and belongings. Rooms and main doors must be locked before leaving the hostels. A fine of RM5 per person will be imposed if any rooms and/or main doors are found unlocked.



6.1 Residents of the apartment at 12 Khaw Sim Bee Road will be issued hostel cards.

6.2 Hostel cards are non-transferable and are to be carried at all times. Hostel cards must be left with the security guard at the guardhouse each time when leaving the hostel.

6.3 Hostel cards are valid only for the duration of tenancy and must be surrendered to the warden/ SSD upon termination of tenancy.

6.4 Residents are responsible for their hostel cards. Any loss or damage to the cards must be reported to the SSD immediately. A fee of RM10 will be charged for a new card.

6.5 Please see the Security and Safety rules.



7.1 Residents are held responsible for the behaviour of their guests and assume full responsibility for informing their guests of hostel policies, procedures and expectations. If guests break any hostel rules, the residents concerned must pay the fine or serve the penalty. All guests must leave the hostel compound by 10pm.

7.2 NO overnight guests, including family members, are allowed. Guests found residing in student accommodation will be asked to leave immediately. At no time at all are residents allowed to receive or entertain guests of the opposite gender in the bedrooms.

7.3 Apartment at No.12 Khaw Sim Bee Road
a. All guests must report to the guardhouse before entering the premises. Guests (male and female) are not allowed access beyond the ground floor. Guests are not allowed to drive their vehicles into the hostel compound, except during heavy rain. Only registered vehicles are allowed to park in the carpark.

b. Residents who wish to use the study room must register at the office.

7.4 Failure to comply with the rules can lead to the penalties and disciplinary actions listed below:

OffencePenalty/Disciplinary Action
Unaccompanied guest/s in common areasFirst offence : RM30
Second offence : Disciplinary hearing
Guest/s of opposite gender in roomFirst offence : RM50
Second offence : Eviction



8.1 Residents at No.12 Khaw Sim Bee Road are required to leave their hostel cards with the security guard before going out. According to security procedures, residents who enter/leave the hostel after 11pm must sign the log book and provide a reason for entering/going out; their parents will be duly informed.

8.2 Residents are responsible for ensuring that all doors are locked at all times for security reasons.

8.3 The Hostel Management shall not under any circumstances be responsible for:
a. any damage to or loss of property, money and other items belonging to residents or their guests
b. personal injury suffered by residents or their guests, howsoever caused.

8.4 Residents are not permitted to change rooms or sleep anywhere other than in their own bedrooms without prior approval from the SSD. Failure to comply with the rules may result in penalty or disciplinary action.

8.5 Residents whose roommate/s has/have been missing for more than 48 hours must inform the SSD immediately.



9.1 A hostel should be a place where students have the best possible conditions for study and rest. Residents are expected to act responsibly and not interfere with the rights, comfort or safety of other residents.

9.2 Outdoor games e.g. basketball, football, etc., may not be played in the hostels.

9.3 Fighting or any form of physical violence will not be tolerated.

9.4 Vandalism is a very serious offence. Residents who commit vandalism will be evicted from their hostels and charged for the damage caused.

9.5 Harassment, whether verbal or physical, and any form of abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

9.6 Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times.

Smoking offences include:-
(a) Smoking/ holding a burning cigarette
(b) Cigarette butts in the hostel e.g. cupboards, rooms, drawers, bathrooms, etc.
(c) Possession of used or unlit cigarettes
(d) Allowing someone to smoke
(e) Hiding/helping to hide a smoking offender or his/her violation

The penalties for smoking are as follows:-

OffencePenalty/Disciplinary Action
Offence a) First offence : RM20 + letter to parents
Second offence : Eviction
Offences b) - e)in common areasFirst offence : RM10/resident/cigarette butt
Second offence : Disciplinary hearing
in roomFirst offence : RM10/resident/cigarette butt + letter to parents
Second offence : Disciplinary hearing

9.7 Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited and can lead to eviction.

9.8 Parties and other social gatherings are permitted only with prior approval from the SSD.

9.9 Residents are expected to be courteous and respectful of one another regarding room noise and activity at all times. Residents must switch off or turn down the volume of televisions, hi-fi sets and radios after 10pm.

9.10 The college does not tolerate stealing, weapon possession, any type of vice (e.g. gambling, drugs, sex, frolicking with partners, pornography), or any violation of Malaysian laws in college accommodation. Residents found engaging in such activities will be expelled immediately.



10.1 Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of the hostels. The compounds, floors, toilets, rooms, refrigerators, kitchens, etc., will need to be cleaned by all residents on a regular and rotational basis on days when there are no paid cleaners from KDU. Basic cleaning supplies and garbage bags for the green MPPP trash cans will be supplied; these are to be used sparingly.

10.2 Every room will have a bed, mattress, study table and cupboard. Residents must bring their own bed sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.

10.3 Shoes must be arranged neatly on the shoe racks provided; shoes may not be worn into the hostels.

10.4 Residents must switch off all air-conditioners, fans, lights and other electrical appliances when these are not in use. Failure to comply will result in a fine.

10.5 Residents are not allowed to move or relocate hostel furniture without prior approval from the SSD.

10.6 Beds must be covered with bed sheets at all times. Failure to comply will result in a fine.

10.7 Residents must report any damage to/loss of hostel property immediately to the SSD. Residents will be charged for any missing/ damaged property (except where the damage is due to normal wear and tear). See Attachment 1 on page 16.

10.8 The Hostel Management reserves the right to conduct spot checks on hostel units and bedrooms. Where necessary, residents will be asked to clean up bedrooms and hostel units; failure to comply can result in fines or disciplinary action.

10.9 The Hostel Management reserves the right to assign any vacancy in College housing at any time and/or to reassign any student at any time.

10.10 Nails, screws, posters and pictures are not allowed on hostel walls, doors or furniture. Any damage to the hostels will be charged to the residents concerned. See Attachment 1 on page16.

10.11 Residents may not put their belongings or hostel furniture on the balconies. Any items found on hostel balconies will be confiscated. For safety reasons, residents are not allowed to play on the balconies.



11.1 Small domestic appliances may be brought into and used in the hostels on condition that the following guidelines are strictly observed:
(a) equipment and any connecting cables/wires must be in good and serviceable condition
(b) there must not be any cables on the floor e.g. across passageways or from room to room
(c) plugs must contain correctly-rated fuses and be wired correctly
(d) Multiway adapters may not be used

11.2 Items which are allowed in the hostels are as below:
• Personal computers
• Alarm clocks
• Irons
• Hairdryers
• Table/stand fans
• Study table lamps
• Toasters
• Rice cookers
• Coolers
• Battery chargers

11.3 Items which are prohibited are as below:
• Microwave ovens
• Hot plates
• Exercise machines
• Musical instruments (piano/organ)
• Other unauthorized items

11.4 Residents who install electrical extensions without prior approval from the SSD will be issued a warning letter. Residents should ensure that power points are not overloaded.

11.5 Electrical items which do not conform to safety standards will be confiscated.


12. PETS

12.1 Residents are not allowed to keep pets in student accommodation.



13.1 Defective items (e.g. furniture, fixtures, etc.) which require repair, replacement or removal must be reported to the SSD immediately by filling out a WORK ORDER form (obtainable from the SSD). The SSD will determine the feasibility of the request.



14.1 Residents are required to give at least one month’s notice before the end of the tenancy.

14.2 Booking fees and rental paid are NOT REFUNDABLE.


Information provided in this website is correct at the time of publication. KDU University College Penang reserves the right to make alterations at any time without prior notice.


For further enquiries, please contact our Housing Office Executive:

Tel:(604) 238 6368
Fax:(604) 228 0054

Mr. Sadhis Kumar A/L Letchumanan

(604) 238 6233

Ms Goh Sze Yuin

(604) 238 6231