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Health & Services


If you need an emergency first aid kit, please notify the lecturer in your class immediately. The lecturer will direct you to a staff who is trained in first-aid and who can prescribe the correct medication/assistance to you.
If you are injured on campus and a lecturer is not available, please contact the Student Service Department for First Aid assistance. For minor illnesses, you may obtain a basic medication like Panadol, Actal, and Charcoal at SSD.
If you have an accident on campus that requires medical attention, it must be reported to the Student Service Department.


Health Education
Health education and the promotion of healthy lifestyles serve as the foundation of the SSD program. SSD organizes a wide variety of educational programs and services designed to assist you in achieving and maintaining good physical, mental, social, and sexual health.

Student Personal Insurance Coverage
All students of KDU are covered with KDU Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance. SSD assist students in making their claims as and when necessary.

All notification of claims* should reach the SSD, KDU Penang within 30 days with the following particulars:
  1. A completed claim form (may be obtained from SSD),
  2. Medical report(s) by the examining doctor,
  3. Original medical / surgical bills,
  4. A photocopy of the passport / identity card
  5. Police / adjuster's / investigation report (if relevant)
  6. Any other relevant document
However, students are strongly encouraged to carry their own health insurance. For international students, Hospitalization and Surgical insurance are required for the student pass & visa application.