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Student Life


Student Service Department (SSD) is an office specially formed to provide support, guidance and pastoral care to all local and international students throughout their studies in KDU University College Penang. SSD offers a wide variety of value-added student services, activities and facilities to help students adapt to the learning environment in KDU University College Penang. Through our student activities and personal development programmes, students are given the opportunity to cultivate their talents and realize their own potentials.

"We are here to be truly committed and dedicated in providing care and services in order to help our students achieve a comfortable and fulfilling campus life."

Our mission can be represented by a single word "STUDENT", where each alphabet stands for its own distinctive meaning:
  • Service with efficiency and reliability
  • To represent students in external liaisons
  • Understanding students' needs and concerns
  • Discovering, developing and cultivating students' potentials and talents
  • Extra value-added service provider
  • Nurturing students in achieving an enriched personal growth and development
  • Total commitment in providing comfortable and affordable facilities
  • MOTTO "We walk you through campus life."


If you aspire to further your studies overseas, the Student Placement Office can guide you in obtaining the necessary information such as:
  • application procedures for each university
  • entry requirements & deadlines
  • financial requirements & scholarships information
  • visa requirements
  • exemptions/transfer credits/advanced standings

For more information, please contact:
  1. JM Education Counselling Centre KDU University College Penang (Student Placement Office)
Student Bodies
Student Representative Council

  1. To practice transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in all aspects of governance;
  2. To maintain open communication between students and UC staff
  3. To organize events and projects that help to develop quality of character, academic excellence and strong personal values
President: Lee Jiong Ying
Facebook: Student Representative Council KDU Penang University College


No.ClubClub ObjectivesContact
1Art Farm

  • To improve the art activities that are carried out in 2019
  • To create more events that help to boost the artistry in KDUPG
  • To enhance students’ problem solving skills for their well development

President: Chan Kar Jun
2Computer Club
  • To promote the world of IT to all students
  • To run events on behalf of IT department
President: Jarren Khaw Jia Lun
3CPUS Club

  • To cultivate fun learning environment for students
  • To create a platform for students to meet new friends
  • To encourage students to engage in more social activities
President: Song Ke Yan
4CSI Nursing Club

  • To build up rapport among students and tutors by organizing activities through this society
  • To create leadership, teamwork and organizational skills among the students
  • To encourage students to be active in co-curriculum activities other than being active in theory
  • To improve the knowledge, skills competence and outcomes of the health professions
  • To learn about the profession of nursing and health care
President: Sakkirathevan a/l Veerakumar
5Engineering Society

  • To enhance engineering soft skills among engineering students
  • To expose students in events organizing & crowd controlling
  • To create a platform for students to engage with industry professionals
President: Kevin Wijaya

  • To provide a platform for interested SHTCA students to enhance and improve their knowledge and network of hospitality industry
  • To enhance SHTCA students’ ability in pursuing careers in hospitality industry
  • To successfully plan and organize all proposed events/ activities for the year
  • To reach out to the poor

President: Seran Nicholas Pillai

Religious & Interest
No.ClubClub Objectives Contact
1Christian Fellowship (Wham)
  • To edify one another and glorify God by uniting, pursuing and fulfilling their GOD given purpose to be more like Jesus, by making a difference in our campus and beyond through the revolution of love
President: Grace Magdalene Blaise
2Green Club
  • To make KDU a greener, more eco-friendly campus
  • To contribute towards a greener, cleaner Penang
President: Chua Tatt Shen (Brian)
  • To promote interest of performance arts in KDU PG
  • To get talented performers to continue honing their skills and improve on them
President: Tan Yong Nian (Daniel)
4Robotiq Society
  • To gain students interest towards field of engineering and robotic
  • To enhance student to think out of the box in encountering daily problem solving
  • To learn and applicate soft skills used in engineering field
President: Cheah Tzer Ming

Sports Clubs/Societies
No.ClubClub ObjectivesContact
  • To organize workshop to improve players’ skills.
  • To hold competitions to improve players’ experiences.
  • To promote and strengthen team bound within KDU Badminton Club.
President: Dicky Larson
2KDU Leopard Basketball Club
  • To gather and recruit all players who are passionate about basketball
  • To learn soft skills, such as how to communicate to reach mutual agreement, to learn technique to play basketball, self-discipline, mutual respect, teamwork from sports
  • To conduct event / activities / competition to increase Basketball Club’s image and reputation
President: Chung Kai Jun
3KDU Squash Club
  • To promote interest of the student in squash
  • To get squash academic player to continue in playing squash
  • To create a healthy lifestyle and fitness to the student and staff
President: Ong Jing Mian
The KDU Student Representative Council (SRC) is an elected body of KDU Penang University College, which provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. SRC is also a group of Student Leaders - acting as a channel between the management and the students of KDU Penang University College to promote better understanding, encourage cross-cultural learning and communication to resolve arising issues for a better understanding.

Click to download the Student Representative Council Constitutions

Click to download the Student Representative Council Application Form

Facebook: Student Representative Council KDU Penang University College

Instagram: kdupgucsrc
Lee Jiong in Business
Cheah Qi HongVice of Accountancy Management
Tan Jin Yei, in Mass Communication
Ng Hon LoongDirector of in Accounting
Marcus Liew ShernDirector of Human in International Hotel & Tourism
Soh Chin ShyuenDirector of Club & of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Student Representative Council (School Representatives)
Student NameEmailSchool/Department
Khor Kai Wern, of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts  
Lee Zi of Computing
For more information, please contact us:

Student Service Department
KDU Penang University College
32, Jalan Anson,
10400, Penang.
Tel : +604 - 238 6368
Fax : +604 - 228 0632