University Social Responsibility (USR) |

University Social Responsibility (USR)

The KDU Penang University College’s social responsibility (USR) is vitally important to who we are as an institution. KDU Penang recognized that the real-life, authentic nature of community service would provide valuable Life-wide Learning opportunities for our students to develop civic responsibility and empathy. Therefore, KDU Penang is committed to actively supporting the students to contribute to the communities through strategic investment of people, resources and network. The University College have allocated some funds and formed a Trustee Committee to ensure the appropriate accountability to all the stakeholders.

Application Guidelines
  1. Eligibility Requirement
    1. Any KDU Penang students that are interested to conduct community service project, must ensure that the project promotes positive values among students in Moral and Civic Education.
    2. Each project will be entitled an allocation of maximum RM500.00 subsidy subject to the approval of the funds trustee committee.

  2. USR Funds Application Guideline
    1. Students are required to complete and hand in the documents below to the trustee committee for subsidy application:
    2. Each application requires THREE (3) working days to process. Due to budget constraints, however, not all applications will be approved.

  3. USR Funds Reimbursement Guideline
    1. The subsidized amount of the approved project will be given to the project leader by cheque after the project is completed
    2. Students are required to complete and hand in the documents below to the trustee committee:
      • Video submission by link
      • Budget vs. Actual Form (SSD-C&S-20) – submit the actual account
      • Original receipts only (all hand written receipts are not acceptable), (paste original receipts on A4 paper)
    3. Each submission needs SEVEN (7) working days for bursary department to reimburse subsidy required for the project.
    4. All reimbursement shall be made in the form of cheque

  4. Funds Exceptional
    1. USR Funds is not applicable under the following circumstances:
      • Athletic groups or activities, including charity- benefit sporting events and youth sports teams
      • Complimentary shipping of items sold through fundraisers
      • Endowments or memorials
      • Individual needs, including scholarships
      • In-kind printing requests
      • Labor or political organizations
      • Personal fundraising initiatives
      • Travel funds for tours, expeditions or trips
      • Beauty contest candidates
      • Mission trips
      • Membership dues