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As the leading IT and engineering education and training provider in northern Malaysia, KDU College Penang (KDU PG) regularly organises talks, workshops and seminars to help graduates enhance their skills in meeting the growing demands of the job market.

To meet the high standards set by employers today, the Employment Training & Undergraduate Placement Unit (ETUP) in the School of Engineering, Science and Technology helps its students step up their game aside from providing assistance in the area of job placement.

ETUP's efforts, underpinned by the strong academia and industry collaborations by the school, is the right pathway for graduates interested in pursuing a rewarding career, as evidenced by a recent Graduate Survey Report where findings revealed that 96% of KDU PG's graduates are either gainfully employed or furthering their studies. Clearly, it speaks volume of KDU PG's success and track record.

KDU PG's CEO and Principal, Dr. Chong Beng Keok, who was full of praise for the School of Engineering, Science and Technology said that by collaborating with top ranking universities in the UK such as Northumbria University, the college is able to offer UK franchise programmes and that such programmes have produced highly sought-after graduates, with many getting job offers even before graduating. She further commented that KDU PG has always believed in strong industry linkages for the mutual benefit of its students and the industry in order to deliver a sustainable stream of quality graduates that can meet industry needs.

In this respect, KDU PG's unwavering commitment is best seen in the school's collaboration with industry giants such as Celcom, Sun, Oracle and Microsoft that are a morale boost for its students as they get to use the latest games design lab facilities to help them keep abreast of the latest developments in the computing industry. IT students are also kept abreast of current trends and skills required for Cloud and Mobile Computing while Engineering students are taught using 'Synopsis' software knowledge, which is part of the institution's VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) training component.

In further complementing this, ETUP has recently introduced professional development classes such as "MyProfCert IC Design – VLSI Physical Design" to encouraging response from students with many immediately signing up for the training. The program offered is in collaboration with technology leaders that include Agilent, Altera, Intel and Huawei. It is a sponsored certification program that is partly funded by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and organized by Dream Catcher Consulting Sdn Bhd. It is established under the Human Capital Development (HCD) Strategic Reform Initiative (SRI), which is part of the New Economic Policy (NEM) to train students in catalytic programming while simultaneously upgrading their skills to international certification standards. The syllabus is widely recognized by industry leaders and includes learning very specific domains such as analog, digital, IC, signal integrity, DSP, FR, photonics, OS, firmware, programming, IP, telecoms and various other domains.

These professional development courses will no doubt further develop students' competencies, skills and experience to address varied industry needs. Ms. Amy Leow who is the Business Development Manager of KDU PG's School of Engineering, Science and Technology said that a promising future awaits those who are prepared to remain tech-savvy by constantly learning from the experts and hence the importance of equipping the School's IT and Engineering students with such professional knowledge and certifications. She further added that, "What differentiates our students from their peers in other institutions is their exposure to various Seminars, Workshops, Management Talks, Resume Writing Classes, Interview Tips and Master Talk by industry experts. We organize numerous graduate enhancing programs every year such as the Ignite Program-Startup Weekend, Entrepreneur Workshop, Enterprise Day, amongst others. This provides an opportunity for our students to network with prospective managers from the industry".

With many more seminars and workshops being planned for the students throughout the year, KDU College Penang's School of Technology is confident that it will continue to be at the fore front of computing and engineering in the education industry.

For more information on the programmes and activities at:

- KDU University College PJ, call 03-77288123 / email best@kdu.edu.my, or log on to their website at www.kdu.edu.my. 

- KDU College Penang, call 04-2266368 / email best@kdupg.edu.my, or log on to www.kdupg.edu.my.

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