Efforts to inspire students |

Efforts to inspire students

KDU College Penang (KDU Penang) hosted its second KDU International Student Conference (ISC) 2014, attracting 120 college and university students from local institutions as well as students from Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mauritius, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan and Tanzania.

Held on 11-14 June 2014 at Four Points Hotel in Penang with the theme “Dealer in Hope, Leader in Action”, the KDU ISC is a student-led event that aims to inspire, create and develop the next generation of leaders.


As the premier education provider in the northern region, KDU Penang always stays a step ahead in offering innovative ways to develop its students within and beyond the classroom. Realising the infinite potentials in the Generation Y-ers and believing in their competency to become the future leaders, KDU Penang has created platforms for them to share their ideas on leadership and to harness innovation and creativity from industry leaders in shaping a better future.


In line with the mission, KDU ISC 2014 brought together prominent leaders from various industries to share their valuable experiences through the “CEO Talk Series”. The “CEO Talk Series” was represented by six influential corporate leaders. Among them was Mr Robin A Martin, Managing Director of Intel Technology Sdn Bhd, who gave a fascinating speech, entitled “Equipped to Thrive”. He shared a few video clips that highlighted the qualities of a leader, specifically diversity and inclusion, communication and adaptability.

The “CEO Talk Series” continued with a session with Dato’ Yew Tian Tek, Managing Director of Motorola Solutions Sdn Bhd, who shared his views on leadership through corporate social responsibility followed by other motivational speeches by Mr Heng Huck Lee, CEO of Globetronics Technology Bhd, Dato’ Teo Chiang Quan, Executive Deputy Chairman of Paramount Corporation Bhd, Mr Harantty, General Manager of G Hotel Penang and Mr Gary Teoh Kiang-Hong, Founder of Auto City, Golden Highway Auto City Sdn Bhd.


On the second day of the conference, the students visited the KDU Penang campus and spent a day speaking out their ideas and exploring the notion of leadership with Ms Jazz Tan, CEO of YToday Sdn Bhd, who shared her journey in becoming a leader of Youth Today despite of her young age.


Yeap Soon Kent, a student of Diploma in Engineering from KDU Penang who attended the conference was truly inspired. He said, “I am personally impressed with what William from Hong Kong Polytechnic University has presented. It provides us food for thought about Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership.” Yeap continued, “I was also encouraged by Mr Gary of Auto City advised us to diversify our knowledge, which I thought was actually good for my personal development. This was a beneficial conference. Given the opportunity, I would really want to be one of the student speakers in the coming conference.”


On the final day of the conference, students were taken on a tour of the beautiful city of George Town. This initiative was in line with Visit Malaysia Year 2014, which is also KDU Penang’s aim to support the Penang State government’s mission in making Penang a premium education hub for the Northern region.


Lim Lian Yi, 21, from Singapore who is currently studying at Newcastle University Medicine in Malaysia expressed her enthusiasm for the Penang tour, citing the local delicacies as not-to-be-missed items. For first-time visitor, Zaref from Hong Kong Polytechnic welcomed the experience to learn about the different cultures here while making new friends along the way.


The KDU ISC 2014 concluded on an inspiring note, further sealing KDU Penang’s reputation as a quality education provider that offers exceptional experiences for youths – to let every student shine. In this instance, KDU Penang has created a wonderful international bridge-building opportunity among the Generation Y students.