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Fighting Fake News

George Town, 11 July 2019 - The Department of Mass Communication, KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang) organised “Fight Fake News” workshop on July 6th, 2019 for students of SMK Pinji, Ipoh.

The workshop aimed to cultivate habits of checking and verifying news before sharing and disseminating them, and furnished participants with knowledge on how to identify and report fake news. The workshop also included an interactive activity where students were given controversial news published in the media and then they were told to guess the authenticity of news.
Fake news is defined as stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media with the intention to influence the public or as a joke.  Though the term is not a new, it was highly popularised by American President Donald Trump in 2016 where election misinformation spread in a rapid-speed in the US.
Today fake news is everywhere especially on social media. In various recent studies show that younger generation especially teenagers are likely to spread fake or fabricated news which are appealing to them without checking its authenticity.
"Fight Fake News" workshop addresses fake news issues and creates awareness on danger of spreading fake news, as well as educates participants on ways to check authenticity of news.
We accept invitation from school counsellors or any interested parties to conduct the "Fight Fake News" workshop to secondary school students particularly to those who are between 15-19 years old as it would be a great exposure for them to be a more media literate person.

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