KDU College Penang’s English Centre has a growing international appeal |

KDU College Penang’s English Centre has a growing international appeal

For the past 17 years, the Centre for English Language of KDU Penang has always been at the forefront of innovative teaching methodologies that have helped international students from 48 different countries improve their English. As proof of its international appeal as a quality centre for English Language, the Centre recently conducted two successful events for international visitors at its Penang campus.

From 20 May to 7 June 2013, 10 academicians from the Naresuan University, Thailand attended an English for Research programme conducted by KDU Penang's Centre for English Language. As the objective of the 3-week programme was to help to improve the participants' competency in the usage of English for their research work, the workshop covered areas such acquiring individual and group research presentation skills as well as paraphrasing and writing and referencing skills, and enhancing their ability to comprehend academic tests through the utilisation of specific reading techniques in their research proposal writings. Additionally, they were also trained to use a variety of strategies to gather information and develop ideas for writing, from a variety of sources.

It was a fun-filled and knowledgeable workshop for the Thai academicians, most of whom were professors. They thoroughly enjoyed the study environment as well as hospitable facilities provided. More importantly, throughout the programme, they relished the prospect of using English daily as they were exposed to the relevancy of English in their daily lives and how it can be used in their research work.

Ms. Jasamine Ooi, the Department Head of the Centre for English Language at KDU Penang who was pleased with the outcome of this 3-week-programme said, "The Thai Professors were very responsive and modest to our interactive workshops despite their vast academia knowledge. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity based workshops where they used the language in their interaction with each other besides practicing to use research methodologies in English. This is the second time we are running a workshop of this nature for academics from non-English speaking based international universities, and are proud that our prestige and standing as a Centre that specialises in teaching English as a second language spans across international borders."

Earlier, KDU Penang played host to a 19-member delegation comprising academicians from the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University of Bangkok, Thailand on 17 May 2013 to facilitate a sharing session between the delegates and KDU Penang's Culinary School and English Centre.

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