KDU College Penang’s IT students shine at CELCOM LEDC event |

KDU College Penang’s IT students shine at CELCOM LEDC event

As one of the pioneer IT colleges in Penang, KDU College Penang (KDU Penang) has always ensured that its courses have always remained relevant in meeting current industry needs, the latest of which is acquiring knowledge in Mobile Computing given the use of increased mobility in the IT industry, world-wide.

Since 2012, KDU Penang, in collaboration with CELCOM, has conducted a series of League of Extraordinary Developers Challenge (LEDC) workshops for its IT graduates where the focus is on the building of mobile app concepts within an educational cum competition-based environment. Since then, this highly touted initiative has grown by leaps and bounds as students' mobile app ideas and creations become increasingly functional, creative and laden with commercial potential with every passing event. At the recent CELCOM LEDC event, held on 4th and 5th July 2013, two of KDU Penang's top students scored big with their mobile app ideas at the 2-day AppLab – Mobile app Conceptualization workshop. The objective of the workshop is to help students understand and apply rapid prototyping in app development as well as guide them to document their mobile app ideas in a digital wireframe format.

Ang Chun Yee (洪春愉), a 2nd year student pursuing the KDU – UNN Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Computing Studies program, won a HTC Wildfire S Android Phone for her 'Travel Warning' app idea that features the cultural practices and taboos of a country as a guide for the user on arrival. Another 2nd year student, Vanessa Tan Xiang Yie (陈湘怡), also won an HTC Wildfire S Android Phone in the app wireframe design category. Vanessa impressed CELCOM's representatives with her interactive swipe and animated festival image app titled 'World Festival List' that displays all the festivals in the world.

CELCOM LEDC facilitators and representatives are impressed by the progress of the students at the 4 different workshops they have conducted so far at the KDU Penang campus. Mr Gan Yeow Jin of the LEDC Innovation Division for Group Innovation, Online and Digital of Celcom Axiata Berhad commended the students and said, "The students' knowledge and content output in mobile app creation have improved tremendously since our partnership with KDU College Penang for the LEDC. We are happy to have 30 participants who managed to develop 17 new ideas and 10 complete wireframes presented from this workshop alone. We look forward to organising more future programs through our ongoing collaboration with KDU Penang."

Ms. Amy Leow Saw Imm (廖素樱) who is the Head of School of Engineering, Science and Technology for KDU Penang was also full of praise for the initiative and said, "Partnership with industry giants such as CELCOM are important for us as the knowledge we receive from this sharing process gives our students insights to the latest trends in the ever evolving IT industry. From CELCOM LEDC workshops alone, we aim to develop our IT students to be more competent mobile app creators who can solve real life industry challenges while at the same time sharpening their entrepreneurship skills by instilling the importance of developing app concepts with commercial potential in them. With this, these students will be capable of becoming famous technopreneurs, in the future."

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