KDU College Penang’s School of’ Design students excel in Graffiti Art Competition |

KDU College Penang’s School of’ Design students excel in Graffiti Art Competition

Four classmates pursuing their Diploma in Creative Media Design at KDU College Penang's Centre of Design Excellence (CODE) scored BIG at the recent Graffiti Competition held in conjunction with the launching of popular music of the 1940"s, 1950's and 1960's in Penang.

The graffiti art rendered by the team, comprising Neoh Chin Heng, Tan Sze Chee, Poey Sharon and Kio Qian Yu, was an amazing display of their artistic talents. Their masterpiece, featuring P. Ramlee portraits, bore a striking resemblance to the late American Andy Warhol's creations with pop art hues in striking and vivid shades. It attracted a large crowd who gathered to watch as the four students applied their finishing touches.

Another team from KDU College Penang that also participated in the competition won a Minor Prize using 'Getaran Jiwa' as the theme for their graffiti art creation. The members of the team were Teng Xiu Xian, Kelvin Johnson, Mohd Hafizat and Syed Mahzar.

This state event competition was also made extra special as it was graced by the State Governor of Penang, T.Y.T. Tun Dato' Seri Utama (Dr) Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas. There were a host of activities, including performances by The Jazz Hats, Power Jazz Trio featuring songs sung by Frankie Chai, Albert and Nancy Yeoh of E & O Hotel fame.

Encik Syed Fahmi, the Academic Department Head for KDU Penang's Centre of Design Excellence, who was extremely proud of his students' successes, said that the wins enhanced the Centre's reputation. He also said, "A total of seven teams took home prizes and I am very proud of them as they put in a lot of effort for this competition". Aside from the monetary gain, the CODE students also had the opportunity to learn from the best - two Brazilian guest artists namely Luana Steffen & Andrea Steffen, who made guest appearances during the event, as they were able pick up a technique or two, on the latest brush techniques in art design.

The event had a carnival-like atmosphere, with a blast from the past brought to life through graffiti art and the rendition of legendary singer-songwriter oldies that evoked feelings of nostalgia. More importantly, it helped the younger generation to better appreciate our rich heritage through the priceless recordings of classic local music, and its intrinsic role in the promotion of arts.

As the event drew to a close, the public and students alike left on a cheerful note, knowing that they had relived a glorious part of Penang's history, rich and steeped in creative fine arts.

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