KDU College Penang (KDU Penang)’s engineering students shine at ComiiC 2013 |

KDU College Penang (KDU Penang)’s engineering students shine at ComiiC 2013

Koh Cheah Tat, a student from KDU Penang's School of Engineering, Science and Technology, did the College proud with his award winning entry at the Commercialization Innovation and Idea Competition (ComiiC) - Satellite G - Private IHL that was held at UiTM Perlis on 29 May 2013. ComiiC is a national competition where students are given the opportunity to present the virtues of their engineering innovation submitted.

Cheah Tat, a Northumbria University – KDU Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) final year degree student, was the inventor behind the 'FOREIGN MATERIAL DETECTOR' project that won the Silver Medal Award at ComiiC, a notable accolade that he shares with his teammate Mr. Nimesh Kumar who successfully delivered a flawless viva presentation before the judges.

Cheah Tat, a part-time engineering student at KDU Penang since 2010, is fully sponsored by his employer, Intel Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. Although it has been a real challenge for him to pursue a part time degree course while working at the same time, Cheah Tat feels that his efforts have been vindicated having achieved great success at the end of the semester. Nimesh, who admitted to initially having competition jitters, was equally delighted with his achievement as it was his first viva outside the College.

Ms. Shahrizat Shaik Mohamed, KDU Penang's Engineering Department Program Leader, who was the supervisor for Cheah Tat's award project, commended him for his tireless efforts and relentless spirit in turning up for all the weekly meetings to update her on the progress of his invention. Ms. Shahrizat also ensured that her charges were also well prepared for the viva session by helping them brush up their presentation skills as she believes that no invention will ever get noticed without proper marketing and promotion involved.

Equally thrilled with the pair's success was KDU Penang's new Engineering Department Head, Dr. Yeap Gik Hong who said, "The success of our students this year at various national competitions is testament of our ability to not only deliver industry-ready engineering graduates with our VLSI training modules but also, technopreneurs and innovators for the future."

To find out more as to how you can be a part of our growing list of success stories, visit us at our next Open Day on 3 and 4 August 2013.

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