KDU Penang’s Indian Cultural Society (ICS) to undertake the biggest “1 Malaysia Kolam Art” |

KDU Penang’s Indian Cultural Society (ICS) to undertake the biggest “1 Malaysia Kolam Art”

Students from KDU Penang's Indian Cultural Society are going all out to ensure that this year's Deepavali celebration will be truly memorable by creating the biggest "1 Malaysia Kolam Art" on 19 October 2013 at D'Piazza Mall in Penang

In undertaking the event, the students hope to create greater awareness about the importance of unity through the spirit of 1Malaysia as well as the uniqueness of Malaysia's multi-cultural society. The students hope that their supersized "Kolam" creation will make it to the Malaysia Book of Records as the "Biggest 1 Malaysia Logo Kolam".

According to Mr. Jagadaes Thurairaju who is the Project Director, the "KOLAM" is commonly known as rice art and is a form of decorative painting which is drawn using natural or synthetic coloured rice, chalk and rock powder. It is widely practised by Hindu families during the festive season to embellish their houses or courtyards and is spiritually believed to bring prosperity to their homes by the Goddess. "Even though this traditional Indian culture is very popular among Malaysians, however, not everyone gets a chance to have hands-on experience on this creative piece of art. Hence, this event is intended to help the participants gain first-hand experience and exposure to the uniqueness of this rare art", he commented.

This event will see 200 KDU Penang students of various races taking part in creating a super-sized 1 Malaysia Kolam. Ms Joey Phuah, Manager of KDU Penang's Student Service Department is proud of the students' determination to top the current record of 43 X 17.2 metres by creating a gigantic sized one measuring 55 meters X 25 metres, using 2000 kg of rice. Said Joey, "We are extremely delighted with our students' initiative in organizing an event of such magnitude that could make it to The Malaysia Book of Records. Everyone in the college is looking forward to witnessing their masterpiece and we wish all participating students best of luck in accomplishing this mega Kolam."

KDU Penang, the main supporter of this event, hopes that many Malaysians will attend the event to provide support and encouragement as their students embark on a record-breaking feat.