KDU students get a glimpse of Engineering pathway to Northumbria University

Engineering Programme Leader from Northumbria University, UK, Mr. Peter Harrington gave a preview on Engineering pathway to students.
The Engineering Programme Leader from Northumbria University, UK, Mr. Peter Harrington received a huge turnout of students when he held an engineering pathway preview for KDU College's undergraduates recently. The preview initiated by KDU's prestigious UK university partner highlighted its affiliation with Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) which is a highly accorded and regarded by the industry.

It was highlighted during the preview that KDU's Diploma in Engineering students who wish to pursue the UNN Bachelor of Engineering program will have advanced standing to Year 2 and will continue to pursue similar modules of Engineering subjects before choosing their respective pathways and specializations in Year 3. Alternatively, students may choose to complete their A-Levels before pursuing Year 1 entry into the 3+0 program.

With an integrated approach and emphasis on practical hands-on lab activities, students under this program will also enjoy excellent classroom experience, a fully equipped library that has technological magazines and laboratories with industry standard CAD tools and ORCAD Egg Timer Circuit. These softwares enable students to simulate their work better for the industry next time. All this together with KDU's famous VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) training software called 'Synopsis' which is used in all Semi Conductor Factories today will ensure that the students under the program will have an easy path to employment upon the graduation of their program.

As such, students who wish to pursue their Bachelor of Engineering at KDU College will be pleased to know that Northumbria University's affiliation maintains a moderation high presence while maintaining similar modules and examination papers from its main campus in United Kingdom itself. Its graduates work in major electronic companies, while some who may wish to pursue Masters programme or PhD may also do so as well. It was certainly a useful preview for the students as they prepare to enter the undergraduate world of engineering next time after the completion of their KDU diploma.

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