The Penang Science Council launches the Penang Lego Robotics Program |

The Penang Science Council launches the Penang Lego Robotics Program

The Penang Science Council launches the Penang Lego Robotics Program under the Sustainable Education & Learning Pillar

The Penang Science Council is set to put Penang on the map as a science center of excellence by creating interest in science and technology, starting with the young. To foster and develop a dynamic and innovative society, the PSC has established 5 key pillars, namely Sustainable Education and Learning, Cultivating Innovation & Research, Mentoring Young Scientific Entrepreneurs, Life Science & Medical Health and finally, the Penang Tech Center, all led by industry captains.

The Sustainable Education and Learning Pillar, under the leadership of Mr TT Yew, the Managing Director of Motorola, together with KDU College Penang, the premier education provider, has trained and certified more than 70 trainers, comprising engineers from various multinational and local companies to support this initiative. In addition to the opportunities for building rapport, this collaborative initiative with the industries is aimed at cultivating young minds through the use of innovative technology while simultaneously developing a positive interest in science and technology. This program has been identified as an excellent platform to help steer the young children towards science and mathematics. Blending science and creativity, it provides a fun and easy learning path for young people to nurture their innovativeness through robotics.

The highlight of the event will be the Pairing of Schools with their sponsors in conjunction with the Lego Robotics Launch which will be officiated by the Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng on 21st January 2011 at KDU College Penang. Robotic Teams from over 23 schools from Penang and Butterworth will be present to showcase their robotic designs and engineering skills together with their mentors from the industry.

Besides providing various avenues for students to display their talents in the state, national and international competitions, KDU College is committed to champion the Penang Lego Robotics Program through continuous Lego Robotics train-the-trainer workshops for events such as First LEGO League (FLL) and National Lego Challenge (NCL) with full industry participation comprising MNCs and SMEs from Penang. These certified trainers will help to guide these students to develop a healthy interest in robotics and engineering careers. The train-the-trainer programs utilize the LEGO building blocks and the NXT-G visual programming language tools to design and build a multitude of robot configurations to perform specific tasks.

On top of that, the Robotics Clubs Out-reach Program will help to sustain long-term interest in science, technology and maths in schools through various hands-on activities. Moving forward, the Penang Science Council, KDU College and Sasbadi Sdn Bhd (Lego Robotics Distributor) plan to train an initial batch of 100 engineers to coach and guide students in Penang for year 2011 and beyond. The schools in Penang that currently own their own lego sets can approach the Penang Science Council for help or request for trainers to train their students for future Lego Robotics events. Mr TT Yew's personal vision is to give every student in Penang an opportunity to build a lego robot.

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