Thai students discover talents in ennriching classes and English workshops |

Thai students discover talents in ennriching classes and English workshops

KDU College Penang was abuzz recently with 26 students aged between 10 and 18 years old from Southern Thailand running around the campus on their inaugural visit to Penang on the 8th of October 2012. The entertained community of KDU Penang soon learned that these kids were here to participate in KDU Centre for English Language's Holiday English Programme.

Designed to be a fun filled 2 week learning activity, this customizable English language introduction and enhancement program has become one of the Centre for English Language's flagship program which is especially popular with school children from neighboring Thai districts such as Hatyai, Satun, Trang and Songkhla who flock KDU every school break for this programme. It was no different this time round as the students' faces lighted up as soon as they began exploring and getting to know each other during the ice breaking session which was packed with games and fun-filled language activities.

Each activity proved to be enlightening for the students as the individual workshops each taught the students a different set of skills. For example, in one of the activities "Paint English 'Green'!", students learn about the ways to minimize pollution through the usage of the language to communicate what they know about the environment. The session was an eye opening experience as they discussed on topics related to mother earth and recycling.

The class also included experiential learning activities in which they had a taste of Penang's rich and cultural heritage during the "Fashion & Shopping" workshop conducted by KDU CEL lecturer Leong Mi-Chelle. "It's good practice to see kids learn how to express opinions and to describe or bargain", she said. Incorporating creativity, each group were given a box of random novelty items such as newspapers, clothing or silly props to dress up the chosen 'model' and present it to their peers.

In boosting their language skills, every student also had the opportunity to portray popular social characters which required them to practice effective pronunciations while exploring the usage phonetics and phonology. The students also listened eagerly as lecturers briefed them during a session of "Fun With Words" to enhance their vocabulary through learning idioms, tongue twisters and jazz chants.

In another experiential session, the kids had an opportunity to learn English with some life skills at KDU's fully equipped 5 star kitchens with the Baking Workshop. This proved to be enriching as students developed motor skills like flour measurement, following instructions from recipes and the cause and effect when mixing ingredients. Thrilled to be Chef for A Day, the hands-on session saw them made scones and very quickly ate them too, with jam and clotted cream...yummy!

Besides grooming these students into better speakers, they were also treated to fun telematch games. According to Jasamine Ooi, KDU's Academic Department Head for the Centre for English Language, "This Holiday English programme gives participants a chance to learn through site visits as well as encourage cultural exchange. We are delighted that the parents of these children recognize our experience in teaching the English language."

One the children's most favorite sessions was the "Sing,Sing" session where music appreciations comes to life using the English language as they also did it "karaoke style" at the same time!

The programme ended after a telematch game with the students thoroughly enjoying their stay with these important English lessons as well as the chance to explore Penang which is home to a colorful history and people of various cultures. They certainly brought home souvenirs, lots of pictures, lots of happy memories and most importantly a chance to learn English – THE KDU WAY!

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