Risk Management / Business Continuity Plan / Business Impact Analysis |

Risk Management / Business Continuity Plan / Business Impact Analysis

Risk Management / Business Continuity Plan / Business Impact Analysis
Date: 3 Mar 2017
Time: 9.30am-12.30pm
Venue: i-Xplore
Speaker: Dr. Tony Stevenson
Workshop Description
This workshop takes a look at business growth and risk. Business growth is essential for the business to become independent and grow in the future. However, in the infancy startup phase, most SMEs fail within the first 2 years – one reason for this is because the firm has not secured growth capital, nor understood how to obtain external funding.

Students will evaluate revenue risk by developing a statistical probability of the business success.

This will involve developing a   statistical business model, which can predict the relevant risk and revenue, which incorporates both systematic and unsystematic risk in the market.
Speaker Profile:
The workshop facilitator, Dr. Tony, is Head of the School of Business at KDU Penang University College. He holds a PhD from University of Loughborough, an MSc. and an MBA in Finance, and is a Charted Financial Analyst. Dr. Tony has worked in a number of multinational organisations including Hanson plc in London as their business development manager and subsequently went on to become the youngest Director in the Hanson Industries. The role involved Mergers and Acquisitions, and preparing the portfolio of companies within the Lindustries group for future IPO listings.

In 2000, Dr. Tony led a senior Management buyout to acquire the shareholdings of Lindustries group. The bid was not successful, but the challenges of organising junior venture capital and senior debt finance led to a career change following an invitation to the Leicester University to teach Corporate Finance and Acquisitions strategies.

Following a period of about 3 years, Dr.Tony went to the Ocean University in Qingdao China to teach Economics and business studies. Dr. Tony has taught in the Far East for a number of years and continues to be passionate passing on his experiences as a practitioner and academic.