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Life Coach

"Life coaching is to open you to your future success by bridging with you, building you and bringing you to a place of total commitment in whatever you are doing and wherever you are in life."
Personal Conviction:
Your Commitment = Your Competence + Your Confidence
The Way:
To Empower you as individuals to identify, plan and achieve personal & professional goals
The Benefits:
These life coaching sessions will provide:
  • Clarity, Focus, Motivation and
  • Results in your personal and professional life by identifying your strengths and identifying barriers which hinder change from happening in your life.
  • We will challenge and create optimised thinking, beliefs and systems for positive action to take place using a holistic approach which looks at the present and sets goals for a successful future.
These sessions will be practical and action focused, that will resource individuals with the tools and skills needed to keep growing and moving towards a life that is purposeful and fulfilling.
Coaching sessions will empower people to –
  1. Solve problems & make decisions
  2. Find motivation & set goals
  3. Create personal systems and disciplines
  4. Develop successful habits
  5. Find passion, creativity and purpose
  6. Improve organization, communication & people skills
  7. Find fulfilment, self esteem and confidence
"If you are committed to the sessions, I am 100% committed as your life coach"

The life coach is available at Level 4 in the Built Environment Department.