KDU Penang and Petron Malaysia Nurturing young artistic talents hand in hand |

KDU Penang and Petron Malaysia Nurturing young artistic talents hand in hand

Petron Fuel International Sdn. Bhd. (Petron Malaysia) launched its annual Vision Petron 2014 programme in the northern region in collaboration with KDU College Penang (KDU Penang) on 17 June 2014.

Dubbed “Journey to Fulfil My Promise”, the programme aims to encourage the expression of creativity and instil the preservation of arts and culture amongst youth. With the similar goal in cultivating artistic talents, KDU Penang Centre of Design Excellence (C.O.D.E) enthusiastically join hands with Petron Malaysia in promoting the event among its students.

In line to promote the painting and coloured photography contest, two interesting activities were conducted at KDU ground for students include a graffiti painting and a painting workshop. Renowned guest artists from KL - Katun and Annuar Abdullah were invited to share their expertise and inspire the potential students at KDU Penang.

Elena Ooi, a design lecturer from KDU who joined the event expressed her gratitude to have had the opportunity to meet both great artists in Malaysia.  “It was a great and fruitful experience as both Annuar and Katun shared their knowledge and passion for the ocean life and graffiti art which were really inspiring.”

In an interview, Annuar Abdullah talked on his view on arts prospective in the country. “Art and culture appreciation is developing in Malaysia. I’d say it is a promising industry where one could actually build up a career in this field. Unlike in the past where art is only about ‘old-school painting’; we are into commercial arts nowadays with more opportunities.” Annuar stated positively.

Another invited graffiti artist, Katun also commented that he is glad to see more and more Malaysians begin to appreciate and respect art these days especially in Penang. This event is definitely a platform to expose and demonstration students’ talents.

This was echoed by Elena as she saw students’ anticipation to participate as well as to showcase their works. “The art and design trend is getting more exciting nowadays especially with greater public recognitions locally and internationally. I believe with such appreciation, it will encourage artists and designers to produce more brilliant artworks.” Elena added.

Hafiz and Ana, both second year student of Creative Media Design claimed that this is the second time they participated in such contest which they enjoy every much. “It was a fun learning process and I’m glad to have exposed to diverse hands-on activities during my study with KDU Penang.” Hafiz said enthusiastically.

The event served as a platform for art education that fosters creativity as well as an avenue to build competitiveness among the young talents in the industry. Elena told that the lecturers at C.O.D.E. are always looking out for the best channel to provide distinctive learning experience for the students.

“Our outcome-based programme has been designed to prepare our students with knowledge, skills and professional attitude. It is also our aim to expose our students to industry related activities to further enhance their competencies in the design industry. Therefore, international study trips and internship programme are included in our comprehensive syllabus to produce industry ready graduates.

Interested in the art and design industry? Do come by KDU Penang campus or call 04-2386368 for more details about our programmes.