‘The Dark Side of Digital Life’ by Mr. Meisam Eslahi |

‘The Dark Side of Digital Life’ by Mr. Meisam Eslahi

Nowadays, digital communications along with internet have become an integral part of a home as well as every other aspect from education to business and research. However, although high-speed computer networking and the internet have brought great convenience, a number of security challenges have also emerged with these technologies. This is such as without having adequate network security, all the benefits brought by the internet would be lost as the networks and Internet are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

This issue was clearly illustrated by IBM Certified Solution Advisor, Mr. Meisam Eslahi who presented a talk titled "The Dark Side of Digital Life: Security Issues and Challenges". Held on 17 October in KDU Penang Campus, the talk by Mr. Eslahi who is also a Certified Ethical Hacker and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator aimed to provide participants with details knowledge on security challenges and issues.

IT students who attended the talk had a chance to know IT security better in addition to updated current security threats and their impacts on organizations. Insights were also given on how the hackers conduct different type of attacks and how can one countermeasure the attacks. It was an interesting day and certainly an eye-opening session for our IT students.