HOPE - Outreach to Kampung Cheuh with Mandarin |

HOPE - Outreach to Kampung Cheuh with Mandarin

GERIK: A group of volunteers has been reaching out to the Orang Asli village of Kampung Chueh in Banding Island, Lake Temenggor on 15 June.

The team comprising of a government doctor, medical students from Creighton University, Omaha, USA and volunteers from Persatuan Kebajikan Hope Worldwide Penang and Berjaya Starbucks Coffee educated the orang asli on prevention from infectious disease. It took them almost four hours to reach the village, which comprised of 12 families with some 20 children.

The villagers, who live without electricity and piped water, have been surviving by fishing, hunting, and collecting food from the jungle. A handful found work outside the village as menial workers, earning no more than RM400 a month.

"The doctor and the medical students performed health check on the aborigines to ensure they are healthy. At the same time, nursing students taught the children to delouse their hair by washing with shampoo," said Joey Tan, Assistant Program Manager of Hope Worldwide Penang.

"The aborigines were also given much needed food stuff including rice, flour, sugar, oil and canned food, courtesy of Berjaya Starbucks Coffee," she said, adding that it was the fifth visit to the village. The children were also given toys and footballs, much to their delight.

Starbucks Penang District Manager Tharik Kulla Khan, who went along to help, remembers stories of how the Orang Asli are struggling to survive in isolation. "We hope to keep helping them on a quarterly basis as part of the company's effort in giving back to society," he said.

Cheah Nan Guang, a student from KDU College Penang who played Frisbee flying disc with the children, said the outreach was worth the time and effort. "The children could not really communicate with us, but they were in good spirits throughout. You can tell from their eye contact and facial expressions," said the 20-years-old.

Dr. Desmond Chong Soon Fook from Penang government hospital, who led the medical check up, said the outreach showed him the intimacy of life in the natural environment. "It also makes me appreciate what I have in life," he said.

For more information on HOPE Worldwide, visit www.hopeww.org.my. Those who wish to volunteer or make enquiries on the visit schedule of Orang Asli villages can contact Joey Tan at 012-2409152.



宜力 : 一群有爱心的志工们在6月15日浩浩荡荡前往班丁岛Lake Temmenggor探访一个缺乏医疗保健意识的原住民甘榜- Kampung Chueh。

由一名政府医生、美国奥马哈克赖顿大学的医科学生团、寰宇希望的志工以及成功集团星巴克咖啡的员工组成的探访团花了近四个小时才到达由12 个家庭与大约 20名儿童组成的村庄。他们在此行联手教导原住民如何预防感染传染性疾病。

村民们长期在缺乏电源和自来水供应下的生活,并靠着捕鱼、狩猎和采集森林中的野生食物为生。 有少数的村民在村外从事体力工人的工作,月入不超过马币400。

"医生和医学生对原住民进行健康检查。与此同时,护理专业学生教孩子们如何使用洗发精清洗头发, 并消除头虱。"寰宇希望槟城分行,项目经理陈春盈说道。

"成功集团星巴克为原住民供应一些急需的食品,包括米、面粉、糖、油和罐头食品." 她补充说道,这是她第五次策划与实践探访此甘榜的计划。同时, 他们在此行中派发一些玩具和足球给孩子们,虽然只是简朴的用具但足以让他们欣喜若狂。

有幸参与此行的星巴克槟城区经理Tharik Kulla Khan分享: 原住民如何在与世隔绝的地方为生存而挣扎的故事深深的烙印在他脑海中。因此他颇为感触地说道:"我们希望能持续每季对他们伸出援手以作为公司回馈社会的一部分"。

来自槟城伯乐学院的学生谢南光,年届20岁,他十分享受与孩子们一起玩Frisbee飞盘游戏,并说外联是个值得投资时间和精力的活动。 他说:"孩子们可能与我们沟通时语言不通,但却可以从他们的眼神和面部表情了解对方的意思。"