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KDU College Penang is in the spotlight again after another success with its recent win in the Computing Challenge 2012 which was organized by MNCC and MSC Malaysia on 20 October 2012. The talented duo from KDU's Computing and Information Technology Department, Danaraj Ram Kumar and Vincent Hing clinched the title of Champion and walked away with a cash-prize of RM1000.00 for its innovative website design which snuffed out it challengers from peers in 17 teams from other local government and private high education institutions such as Taylor's University, UTAR, TARC, Stamford College, Universiti Tun Hussein Oon Malaysia & Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.


For the team, its success in becoming national champion was definitely sweet reward for the hours and effort they have put in for the competition which focuses on the participant's ability to build a functional website that was capable enough to support a full-fledged event. They were judged on their ability to harmoniously incorporate the there major criteria which are design, originality and database validation best in the website of their creation. As such one of the defining moments in the competition was the first session in the Technical Skills area which required participants to be proficient in various web development coding such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Danaraj Ram Kumar who is also a Microsoft Student Partners for KDU excelled in this area and shared, "The biggest challenge during the competition was trying to be innovative and creative in developing a full-functional website from scratch. Luckily we were trained to do so in KDU during our numerous practical web development classes!" He also attributed their success to dedicated IT lecturers Loh Lean Lee and Daniel Leow in particular who has been a great mentor to him and said, "Mr. Leow taught me web programming and his lessons inspired me to further my studies on web development and Internet technology, in fact his teachings covered more than the syllabus and I couldn't have asked for more, it's called – teaching with passion, and it's great!".


His team mate Vincent Hing, who is also a Microsoft Student Partners was also full of praise for his lecturers as this achievement would have been certainly not possible if not for the big depth of KDU Computing lecturers which they have been gaining tutelage from in KDU. "The website developing assignments aided me in mastering the concept of web building and it is very effective for the competition", said Hing proudly. He attributed his success to his father who constantly inspired him with invaluable advice and constructive criticism and support.


Beaming proudly was also Ms Amy Leow, Business Development Manager from the KDU School of Engineering, Science and Technology who said, "Grooming our students to compete in these competitions does help to enhance their soft skills plus their ability to get ahead in a competitive work environment and this is what employers are looking for. It is such quality that makes its graduates stand-out during interviews and KDU is committed in continuing this effort to groom its students with the support from the multinationals in the country." Ms Amy Leow also added that besides these workshops, students are also brought for industrial visits in these companies to widen their perspectives on today's latest industry trends as well as help them to visualize their career pathways.


KDU's continued success in national competition solidifies its commitment to groom tomorrow's IT experts with knowledge of future technology. This is such as it is no longer paper qualifications these days that sets an achiever's benchmark but more importantly its ability in acquiring a quick mindset and skills that are quintessential for the industry. This sets apart KDU's graduates from the rest!


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