KDU Penang’s Nursing students create records again! |

KDU Penang’s Nursing students create records again!

Academic Department Head - Ms Viviane is demostrating how to help baby to take bath
They say that „Consistency is Foundation of Virtue‟ and this certainly the case for KDU College Penang‟s Nursing students as they sky rocketed to another 100% passing rate in the recent 2010 Nursing board Examination. This achievement certainly adds another feather to the already brimming cap of the KDU School of Nursing and Allied Health as their graduating students have also secured job placements in reputable hospitals even before graduation bound.

KDU‟s Nursing School stalwart Madam Teow Gek Kee was a picture of smile and praises when she commented on the recent performance of her charges. "We have been making this ground breaking achievement in the Nursing Board Examination a habit now and this resounding success has been the leading reason for the high employability ratio of our graduates".

One of the students, Eunice Lee Chia Ming also praised her program‟s lecturers, stating that her resounding success today is due to the teachings and experience of her lecturers. Thanks to her achievements with KDU, Eunice is now a fully fledged nurse with Gleneagles Medical Centre (Penang).

KDU College Penang‟s Principal Dr. Chong Beng Keok was also full of praise for this recent achievement and reiterated that these repeated successes that motivate KDU to continue offering affordable Nursing Diploma programs to the public. KDU‟s Marketing and Communication Manager seconded this notion and highlighted that to support this cause, KDU‟s Nursing Diploma program is now priced at RM 45 000 which is also inclusive of hostel accommodation and expects this latest success of the Nursing School to bring in even bigger scores of students to it‟s coming intake in April 2012.

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