Big n Small Exhibition highlights KDU’s Centre of Design Excellence |

Big n Small Exhibition highlights KDU’s Centre of Design Excellence

Lee Khai accepting token of appreciation from Mr Aaron Goh, Head of CODE
The Design Department at KDU College has a new name! Called the KDU Centre of Design Excellence (CODE), it's all about quality education in design. Blessed with good facilitators with industrial experience and good learning environment and facilities, KDU College Penang is on track to become the design CODE of the future.

At the official launching of CODE and Big n Small Exhibition, Penang-based reknowned art-collector and guest of honour, Lee Khai shared his enthusiasm about KDU's strive for excellence. He advised students to continue the quest for knowledge by taking the initiative to learn. "With the world now being a global village and with the world wide web being so accessible, there is no excuse not to enrich one's learning experience by travelling the world on the world wide web even if you cannot afford to do so physically", he added.

CODE @ KDU believes that facilitators, facilities and learning environment are the most important criteria in promoting conducive learning environment for art and design courses. The KDU CODE represents a set of discipline that we need to follow to uphold virtue.

The Big n Small design showcase displayed a series of assignments and projects by the students of CODE to express their potentials and unfold their person ideas in design.

At CODE, the faculty is always keeping up with the latest softwares, industry news and learning innovative design techniques to share with students. With facilities such as the i-Mac lab, Drawing Classroom/Wet Studio, Design Classroom, Dry Studio, Gallery and Photography Studio, students are one step ahead of other graduates when they complete their studies.

Mr Aaron Goh, Academic Department Head of School of Design, shared with the audience during the launching, "Our programmes such as Diploma in Creative Media Design, Diploma in Interior Design and Certificate in Creative Arts are structured around a series of projects that address the roles of design in relation to critical thinking through activities such as real-world design solutions. The recent Memorandum of Understanding between KDU College and Istituto Superiore Di Design of Napoli Italy further enhanced the prospects of eligible diploma holders of KDU for direct entry to Master courses at the institution." Students are encouraged to explore for possible future joint research and projects that will develop skills and knowledge with an unparalleled opportunity to develop as designers.

CODE @ Gallery at KDU Penang Level 4 is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9AM-5PM, except Public Holidays.