KDU College Hosts Workshop for SPM Students |

KDU College Hosts Workshop for SPM Students

In promoting the achievement of excellence in the forthcoming SPM examination, the Pre-University Department at KDU College, Penang shared pointers on how to excel in the upcoming SPM examination to over 150 students who will be sitting for their SPM 2010 examinations. A workshop session was conducted on 30th October 2010 by a team of senior lecturers in the Pre-University Department who are committed towards excellence in education.

The team of dedicated lecturers had put together a range of examination tips to create awareness of the need for students to strategize in answering examination questions. Techniques on how to tackle tricky questions were also discussed during the session. Subjects discussed included Additional Mathematics and essay writing in Bahasa Malaysia. This session was an eye-opener for many of the students as they learnt effective ways of achieving excellence which are not found in text books.

Apart from that, Mr. Ewen Yeoh, the Academic Department Head of the Pre-university Department also gave prospective students a sneak preview into how to secure the all new 2011 scholarships at KDU College for students who intend to pursue their tertiary education in this college. During this session, he briefed students on the availability of scholarships and encouraged high achievers to submit their applications for the Teo Soo Pin Scholarship and Bursary Award with their SPM Trial or SPM results. It was a session which opened avenues for students to consider the choice of their career pathway in pursuing tertiary education as they leave secondary school.

As one of KDU College's on-going CSR initiatives, the college is constantly reaching out to young students who aspire to continue their tertiary education. Students who have obtained excellent results with a minimum of 5A's in their SPM are encouraged to apply for scholarships. With a tradition of producing quality graduates, KDU College, Penang is the place for high achievers and is constantly upgrading its courses with add-on values to its curriculum and extra curriculum activities. KDU College also provides financial packages and scholarships to support students with financial constraints as it strongly believes in equity in education for all.

Members of the public especially SPM School Leavers who have a minimum of 5As in their SPM forecast or trial exam results are encouraged to apply for Teo Soo Pin Scholarship or Bursary Award. PTPTN loans are also available for qualified students. Closing date is 31st December 2010.For more details, please call KDU College Penang at 04-226 6368 or KDU University College Petaling Jaya at 03-77288123 or visit www.kdupg.edu.my or www.kdu.edu.my