Hospitality Students host Cultural Presentation entitled Global Faces |

Hospitality Students host Cultural Presentation entitled Global Faces

With the emergence of a melting pot society and the proponents of multiculturalism, it is important to retain each cultural difference by preserving the values of their respective culture through the encompassing nationality, ethnicity and race. Thus, with the introduction of the "Global Faces: Cultural Presentation" by the KDU students from the Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management on the 29th of October 2010, it is hoped that through the presentation of fashion shows and performances, the event will bring a higher awareness towards the appreciation of resources through culture tourism. In addition, through a showcase of a cultural fashion show and through an array of delicious food from different nationalities served, the exposure will foster a sense of pride with the rich diversity of culture through a common bond –food.

As the premier education provider in northern region, KDU College Penang has been regarded as one of the most established school licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education to train professional chefs. According to KDU College Principal, Dr. Chong Beng Keok, "Culture is the foundation for international tourism, and indeed it has facilitated the growth of tourism. The global diversity of cultures and unique experiences they offer has been utilized for developing and growing tourism. Understanding our own culture or others' cultures, we are able to appreciate and respect the practices of people and hence see the importance of creating local distinctiveness in the face of globalization".

In view of Georgetown being listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, this event will enlighten and provide more inspiration to the public especially the younger generation on importance to preserve the old customs. Among the patrons who attended the event are Mrs. Songsap Kachenchai form Royal Thai Consulate, Madam Irzani Ratni from Indonesian Consulate and Mr. Marco Battistotti from SKAL Organization-Penang Chapter.

This event further supports the fact that KDU College is driven by a team of dedicated and experienced lecturers who believe in engaging students in learning processes and building confidence through cultivating excellent study skills. For more details, please call KDU College Penang at 04-226 6368 or KDU College Petaling Jaya at 03-77288123 or visit