Testimonial | KDU Penang University College


Ha JungAn

Diploma in Hotel and Tourism 

When I was deciding where to study abroad, KDU University College Penang caught my interest as it offers an interesting twinning programme between KDU and IMI International Management Institute Switzerland. I was eventually offered a scholarship and so my life in KDU began. It has been really great experience for me as my Malaysian and foreign friends are kind and the lecturers are very friendly.
Ruburika Nagao 


KDU University College Penang accommodates international students well, besides having good facilities and lecturers who are very knowledgeable, they are also caring and approachable. It has a perfect library with a wide range of books for students to refer to. Furthermore, the well-equipped labs enable students to carry out experiments smoothly while they grasp a better understanding of the syllabus. 
Aye Su Paing 

Diploma in Business 

It has been a dream of mine to study overseas and KDU College has fulfilled that greatly. Besides offering scholarships to all of its international students, the fee is also affordable. That is why I made my choice to study in KDU. The KDU hostel is not very far from the college and it only takes five minutes to travel there. I admit, when I first came here I was rather hopeless but ever since enrolling in Diploma in Business, KDU has made my life more meaningful with the lecturers, staff and students here being so friendly and caring”.
Dinh Thu Ha

IMI International Hospitality and Tourism Management

At KDU University College, not only he is able to improve his English but other skills as well which would help him in his future career. He added, “KDU is a great choice for me because it treats international students well and has a professional academic atmosphere. Not only do the courses here improve our theoretical skills but practical as well. This makes studying more interesting and knowledge can be attained with ease”. 
Phyo Paing 

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Mechatronics) 

I chose KDU College Penang because I heard great things about Penang and that it offers a good scholarship programme. All the staff here are friendly and helpful, and they make me feel like I’m part of their family.