Certified Financial Planner

If you are an individual involved in Personal Financial Services (PFS) such as financial planning, retail banking, unit trust, insurance, estate planning and wealth management, having the CFP credential will enhance your professional status among your peers. Consumers view CFP certification as an indication of a qualified and trustworthy personal financial planner or financial services professional.
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Almost a decade ago, financial planners were almost unheard of. With Malaysians becoming more affluent, the demand for the service of financial planners is growing rapidly. People these days have more sophisticated demands. They are no longer satisfied with simple investment planning, and are seeking out financial planners not only to manage their wealth but also to extend their kitty while maintaining or improving their lifestyle.

Financial Planning is the process of meeting an individual's life goals through the proper management of his finances. Life goals can include buying a house, going for vacations, saving for a child's education or planning for retirement. A financial planner is someone who uses the financial planning process to draw-up a plan with an objective to meet your life goals.

Global Recognition:
An international qualification which is recognised by consumers around the world.

Recognition by Industry Regulators
Recognised by the industry regulators for licensing as financial planners and financial advisers.

Knowledge and Competencies
Equips you with the body of knowledge and competencies to enable you to holistically plan, advise and recommend the most appropriate products and services to your clients.

Career enhancement
Enhance your career development opportunities. Increasingly, bank and other financial institutions make the CFP certification a requirement for staff in personal financial services.

Satisfied clients
As clients become more sophisticated they will be interested in a wider range of products and services. They will be better served by the CFP professionals who are well equipped with the body of knowledge and competencies.

Based on a research conducted in the US, clients of CFP practitioners are more satisfied than the clients of other financial advisers and are interested in a broader range of financial advice.

International Community
As a CFP professional you will be part of an international community of elite financial professionals who are committed to you.

Bank Negara has recognised the CFP qualification as a prerequisite for application of the Financial Advisor's license. Prior to this, Modules 1 and 2 of the CFP certification programme had been recognised by Bank Negara for the purpose of complying with the requirement that all life insurance agents of more than one year need to attend these modules.

The latest recognition by Bank Negara is a further testament of the standard of the CFP qualification and its credo of the "Highest Standard in Financial Planning". Earlier, CFP was already recognised by Securities Commission as a prerequisite for application of the Investment Advisor's license.
The CFP certification programme evolves around ‘4Es’ – Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics – which are the cornerstones of the professional. The CFP certification course consists of four (4) modules with 60 hours of classroom-based lectures per module followed by examinations. Candidates who have completed the AFPM programme (Module 1) will go through only the last three (3) modules. Shortest time frame to complete the programme is 12 months. Candidates taking the AFPM or CFP certification will be required to first be Trade Members of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM).

The CFP Certification Curriculum has been developed collaboratively between the international Financial Planning Standards Board and Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM). It has a core body of courses that are relevant with the necessary depth and breadth that professionals in the PFS industry are expected to meet; at the same time country specific requirements are incorporated into the curriculum.

  • Module 1 Foundation in Financial Planning and Tax Planning
  • Module 2 Insurance Planning and Estate Planning
  • Module 3 Investment Planning and Retirement Planning
  • Module 4 Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities
*  The shortest time frame to complete the programme is 12 months
In Malaysia, with effect from 1st July 2002, members can select any of the 3 options to complete the CFP certification course.

Entry requirements:
From 2014 onwards, the CFP minimum entry qualification is a Bachelor's Degree (any discipline).

Option A: Full CFP Certification Program
Candidates without any relevant qualifications are required to undergo the full CFP certification course, which comprises 4 modules (Module 1 to 4).

Option B: Partial Exemption on Modules
FPAM recognizes that certain professional qualifications cover some of the components in financial planning. Holders of the following qualifications are granted exemption as listed below (terms and conditions apply):
Qualifications*M 1M 2M 3M 4
Licensed Unit Trust & Private Retirement Scheme Consultants (FIMM)**x---
Registered Financial Planners (MFPC)xx--
Chartered Financial Practioners (Namlifa)x---
MII Dip. in Financial Planningx---
Chartered Life Underwritersx---
Life Underwriters Training Council of Fellowsx---
Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investmentx---

*Terms and Conditions:
1. All must have a Bachelor degree with the exception of Unit Trust & PRS Consultants; and
2. All must attend CFP Tax workshop and purchase the subject manual except RFP holders.
**Unit Trust and Private Retirement Scheme Consultants (collectively known as "Consultants") that are actively registered with Federation of Investment Managers (FIMM):-
a) The Consultant must pass Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) or Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Examination;
b) The Consultant must have a degree OR a diploma with minimum 5 years of relevant work experience; 
c) The Consultant must attend CFP Tax Workshop and purchase the subject manual;
d) The Consultants who are exempted from CUTE or PRS examination are not eligible for the CFP Module 1 exemption and they must have a Bachelor degree in order to gain entry to CFP programme.

Option C: CFP Challenge Status
Only Malaysians who possess the following qualifications or professional credentials with 3 years relevant work experience in personal finance are eligible to apply. Exemption is for Modules 1-3 of the CFP certification. Applicants are allowed only 3 consecutive attempts under this option.

1. Qualifications:
  • Professional Accountants (CA(M), CPA(M), CPA(Australia), AICPA, ACA, ACCA, ICMA and AIA)
  • Chartered Secretaries (ICSA & Fellow of MACS)
  • Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC) 
  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) 
  • Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) - Applicants are required to attend Insurance Planning & Estate Planning workshop in addition to the Module 4 workshop. 
  • PhD (Business, Accounting & Economics)
  • Masters (Business Administration/Finance/Economics/Accounting) from accredited universities
2. Members must have 3 years of personal finance related experience which can be in any or all the following areas:
Insurance, mutual funds, securities, asset management, accounting, estate planning, banking, taxation, trusts, retirement planning and financial planning. The 3 years of relevant work experience must be within the 5 years prior to application for
Challenge Status. 

3. There will be three (3) consecutive examination attempts only for the challenge status commencing immediately after obtaining approval from FPAM. After the 3 attempts or non-attempts, they must enroll for the normal CFP certification examinations.

The CFP qualification is known globally as the premier financial planning qualification.

Bank Negara has recognised the CFP qualification as a prerequisite for application of the Financial Adviser's license. The latest recognition by Bank Negara is a further testament of the standard of the CFP qualification and its credo of the "Highest Standard in Financial Planning."

Earlier, CFP was already recognised by Securities Commission as a prerequisite for application of the Investment Advisor's license.
Students of this programme will be given insight into financial jargon used in the industry. After all, we at KDU Penang believe in the power of simplicity and finance-made-easy.

During the programme, we will debunk financial myths, discuss ways of avoiding finance-related mistakes, and equip our students with the necessary tools to kick start their financial journey.
Student will master some simple yet effective methods to keep their finances in order.
Student will learn to discover their own financial destiny, take the necessary action and work their way to achieve it.
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