Why Languages?

“English language is not a difficult thing to master if you have the right teacher. We have 20 years of experience in doing exactly that.”

More than 1,200 local and international students from over 48 countries have successfully completed the English programme with us. Department of Languages (DOL)'s  international students hail from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Bahrain, Taiwan, Japan, China, Russia, Africa, Iran etc. Many of DOL's graduates have gone on to successfully complete their diploma and degree in the programme of their choice, and some have joined the workforce. It's no wonder that the Department of Languages is known for the tagline 'Easy English'!
Unrivalled experience in teaching English to international students from 48 different countries!
Improve your spoken and written English with our highly qualified, experienced and recognised TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) trained teachers who have the knowledge and skills to support diverse learner needs in the modern teaching environment.
Boost your language skills and teaching skills through a fun-filled curriculum as live experience is provided to enhance classroom learning.