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Postgraduate Programmes

A postgraduate programme can further your skills and knowledge in your chosen field. Employers value that experience and often entrust postgraduate qualified applicants with greater responsibilities. In fact, in some fields, a postgraduate qualification is the only way to advance your career. The benefits of a postgraduate qualification on your prospects depend on your chosen career. If you’re coming to the end of your undergraduate studies but you still have the desire to learn and carry out research, and wish to differentiate yourself with future employers, a postgraduate course can satisfy your intellectual curiosity while also enhancing your career prospects. Postgraduate study gives you the chance to really specialise in your field and advance your knowledge. If you enjoy your subject of study then perhaps you have the motivation to move on to a higher degree.

KDU Penang University College provides a wide range of postgraduate programmes for both recent degree graduates and working adults who have an interest in pursuing postgraduate studies. We offer programmes which are industry compatible, delivered by academic experts, as well as providing the library resources and research eco-system you would expect from a leading University College. KDU Penang University College has over 80% of academic staff qualified with a minimum of a Master’s degree and in excess of 20% with a doctorate level qualification. They are qualified to guide you in your pursuit of knowledge in their research area. This expertise can be utilised by the postgraduate student to enhance their existing competency and knowledge in the area of research they wish to pursue.
Why KDU Penang is the preferred choice:
Highly qualified academics
More than 80% of academic staff at KDU Penang have a minimum of a Master’s degree, and many have a doctorate degree, in their chosen field. Indeed, in some disciplines up to 40% of staff have a PhD, establishing their credentials as world class researchers. These academic staff possess vast knowledge in their research area(s) with the competency to supervise you, ensuring you enhance the skill and knowledge in your chosen research area.
Flexible study arrangements
The postgraduate programmes at KDU Penang offer students flexibility in their study arrangements, with both part-time and full-time programmes available. As such, the programmes are suitable for those who wish to work full time with simultaneously pursuing a postgraduate degree.
Real World Learning with industry experts
At KDU Penang, our programmes are designed with the industry’s needs in mind and are taught by faculty members who are industry experts.
Research Grants & Conference Funding
Research degree students have access to competitive internal grant opportunities and Conference funding provided by KDU Penang that form part of the University College research ecosystem.
Master of Computer ScienceN/481/7/0804 01/23 (PA9271)
Master of Science (Engineering)N/520/7/0110 01/23 (PA9272)
Master of Science in Engineering Project Management
(Dual Award - University of Northumbria)
N/520/7/0089 12/21 (PA8051)
Master of Science in Hospitality and TourismN/811/7/0349 (PA 9616)
Master of BusinessN/340/7/0756 (PA9617)
Doctor of Philosophy (Business)N/340/8/0731 (PA9619)
Doctor of Philosophy (Hospitality and Tourism)N/811/8/0349 (PA 9620)
Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)N/520/8/0105 01/23 (PA9273)
Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)N/481/8/0787 (PA9618)