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KDU Alumni

Greetings from your Alma Mater! You are now an esteem alumnus of the KDU Education Group which has 80,000 alumni in Malaysia and overseas. Through the KDU Penang Alumni Club, you will always have a place with the College and the College will always have a place in your lives. Evergreen and present, this association will also serve as a platform for you to stay connected to the KDU community and bring you closer to your alma mater and peers in many ways. Join us now as all alumni are eligible for membership which is free and comes with many member benefits and services.

For starters, you will have access to the alumni forum, where you can find long-lost friends and associates, search for job openings, get updates via an alumni e-newsletter as well as entitlement of 2nd generation discounts for your children if they enroll for KDU programmes. More benefits will be forthcoming as the association grows its membership.

As a member, you will have an alumni card which enables you to enjoy extra services such as access to our library and the gym as well as on-campus discounts for classroom and equipment rental on top of all the basic benefits. Not only that, Privilege Members will also get corporate discounts from a host of participating organizations. The KDU Penang Alumni Club values the active participation of our alumni in our beloved institution and share our vision to build a lifelong partnership to bring benefits back to the community.


It is with great pleasure that I welcome all alumni back to KDU Penang. Dear alumni, it is your privilege to come home and the KDU Penang Alumni Club has always reserved a Permanent Residency status for you.

I want to invite you to activate your permanent residency status and link yourself to over 80,000 alumni worldwide, keeping in touch with your alma mater and growing in joy with them.

Most of you have one way or another stored in your brain some memories and made some friends during your stay at KDU Penang. I believe you want to keep in touch with your alma mater and here it is the KDU Penang Alumni Club offers you the opportunity to “build relationship for life”.

You will have the opportunities to engage in spiritual, educational, professional and community services, student mentoring activities, social events, and much more. We want you to stay linked to KDU College, your friends, and faculty members.

I am very proud to announce that many KDU alumni, after graduating with prestigious degrees, are now enjoying wonderful achievements in their careers and various aspects of their lives. Some of you have developed cutting-edge software packages; while others are pioneers in synthesizing the latest engineering invention, or experts in organizing world-class events.

No matter where you are and who you are, you are always part of the distinguished alumni group, and you are encouraged to share your knowledge and experiences, creating more opportunities for professional networking. Welcome home again and may you have a life-long interaction with your circle of friends and faculty members!