Breaking new grounds – KDU College Penang establishes first independent International Quality Assurance Board |

Breaking new grounds – KDU College Penang establishes first independent International Quality Assurance Board

In line with KDU College Penang's (KDU Penang) continued stand in providing quality education, the College took it a notch higher through the establishment of a first-of-its-kind International Quality Assurance Board in June 2013. The Board's inaugural meeting was held at KDU Penang's campus from 27th to 28th June 2013.

Despite being one of the pioneers in private tertiary education as well as a 5-Star MyQuest rated institution by MOHE on the back of a slew of MQA accredited programs, KDU Penang has never rested on its laurels as evident by its initiative to appoint an independent International Quality Assurance Board to further evaluate and enhance the quality of its program offerings. The move certainly bears testament to KDU Penang's seriousness in helping to deliver the next generation's industry ready graduates.

The Board comprises esteemed members from established international universities that include Professor John Marley - Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Queensland; Professor Jill Morrison - Professor, General Practice and Dean for Learning and Teaching, University of Glasgow; Professor Deborah Turnbull – Chair in Psychology for the School of Psychology, University of Adelaide; Professor Rosna Awang Hashim – Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and International Affairs, Universiti Utara Malaysia and Professor Ir. Dr. Ramesh Singh – Professor, Mechanical Engineering for the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaya.

Chaired by Professor John Marley, who is also a mentor to senior management for the University of Queensland as well as various new universities, the International Quality Assurance Board visited KDU Penang's campus and looked into every aspect of its academic programs over the two-day meeting. Several issues were raised and discussed ranging from KDU Penang's new programmess and direction to postgraduate studies and research activities; from KDU Penang's role in international higher education to future academic policies and procedures; and from academic and industry partnerships to steps taken to ensure quality assurance. The Board members shared their various international experiences and recommendations such as research strategy plans and partnerships, enhancement of student experience and mobility through international student exchanges and support, latest technology in teaching methodology and pedagogy as well as continuous improvements in quality assurance measurements with KDU Penang's senior management led by Dr. Chong Beng Keok who is the CEO and Principal of KDU Penang.

The two-day meeting was a resounding success with the Board members endorsing KDU Penang's initiative at a press conference on the final day of the meeting. They praised the College's foresight in setting an independent board to ensure continuous quality improvement with the objective of positioning KDU Penang as a model university in the near future.

Dr. Chong Beng Keok, who was pleased with the outcome of its inaugural International Quality Assurance Board said, "We are pleased with the insights we have gathered from our esteemed Board members throughout this 2-day meeting. We will take the Board's recommendations seriously in our effort to continuously build and strengthen the recognition of KDU academic awards in the international community. I would also at the same time like to thank the Board members for their readiness to render their time and services towards this noble initiative."

KDU Penang's commitment towards quality improvement is unparalleled in the private higher education industry as our graduates are assured that their academic qualifications will always stand the test of time and are readily recognised by various industries. Interested in enrolling at KDU Penang? Come chat with us during our Open Day on 17th and 18th August 2013.