An evening with Thavamaran treat for KDU’s Engineering students |

An evening with Thavamaran treat for KDU’s Engineering students

It's always a pleasure to have one of your old boys back and this was evident as KDU's Engineering Department treated its students to a 'sharing session' with one of its alumni name Mr. Thavamaran who is currently pursuing his PHD with Northumbria University after completing his KDU-UNN Bachelor of Engineering program with KDU College Penang.

A hardworking student who often went the extra mile to pursue further knowledge of the studied modules, Thavamaran returned to share with the students on his research on adapting Radio-over-Fibre (RoF) technique into the 4th Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. It was indeed a beneficial activity for the budding engineering students and there was plenty of informal questions and discussion going on between Thavamaran and the students throughout the entire 2 hour session.

Mr. Alec Foong who is the Head of Engineering Department in KDU also complimented the session while stating that the department has more plans to organize 'master sharing sessions' such as this to add further knowledge value to its engineering students on the latest trends and R&D research in the engineering area.