Get it out! Spotlight on Obesity in conjunction with KDU’s Nurses’ Day Celebration |

Get it out! Spotlight on Obesity in conjunction with KDU’s Nurses’ Day Celebration

Cake cutting ceremony to launch Nurses Day celebration, Ms Viviane Chin Academic Department Head, YB Ng Wei Aik, Dr Chong Beng Keok Cheerful participants from CBZ Aerobics after a session of aerobics and line dancing. Blood donation campaign organized by the School of Nursing & Allied Health gathered more than 100 donors on Saturday.

Members of public get free Health Check at the booths. Children from ages 5 to age 8 years displaying their best creativity in the Colouring Contest
The weekend at KDU College was bustling with activities as its first ever wellness and beauty fair brought hundreds of visitors including nurses to take part in various activities in the two-day celebration in conjunction with Nurses' Day on the 12th and 13th May. Guest of honour at the event, YB Ng Wei Aik arrived to a rousing welcome as Dr Chong Beng Keok; Principal of KDU College greeted him amidst loud hip-hop music against a sea of aerobic dancers doing their exercise at the concourse area. A few spectators quickly put on their dancing shoes and joined the crowd as they begun line dancing.

An event organized by the School of Nursing & Allied Health, the Wellness and Beauty Fair aimed to educate the public on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and Madam Teow Gek Kee who is the Head of the School of Nursing and Allied Health for KDU Penang and her team brought in numerous talks and workshop to help educate members of the public for this cause.

In her speech, Dr Chong thanked speakers who are experts in the healthcare, beauty & wellness for coming forward for the day's event to advocate awareness on obesity among Malaysians. Her message to lead holistic lifestyle by achieving balance in physical, emotional, intellectual pursuit for optimum health prompted a wakeup call to many amidst the rising obesity cases among children.

YB Ng Wei Aik, Dr. Chong Beng Keok and Madam Teow were joined by KDU staff and student nurses on stage as they officiated the event in a cake-cutting ceremony. They later took a tour on the booths which were on display at the KDU foyer area among which included NGOs such as Cancerlink Penang,Mother To Mother Support Group (MMPS), Penang Family Health Development Association, Women's Centre for Change (WCC) and Agape Counseling. The children who came with their parents for the event were not left out as well. It was an enjoyable family affair for them as kids aged between 5 and 11 years unleashed their artistic side and did their best in a colouring competition which aimed to foster awareness in obesity and to bring creativity through arts amongst children while promoting unity among their peers. Winners took home attractive prizes with trophies. Apart from the colouring competition, the college hosted a blood drive with the help of Ministry of Health. Many donors in all walks of life made a stop for a good deed by donating blood at its Simulation Ward. Regular donors brought their little red book, college students and lecturers played their part to boost the nation's blood bank. KDU have always held this activity and promised to make this donation a continuous effort.

One of the esteemed invited speakers for the event, Dr Goon Hoong Tat from Penang General Hospital addressed the crowd filled with students and nurses from around private hospitals at the auditorium. In his keynote speech, he imparted knowledge to all on avoiding a sedentary lifestyle as this leads to a host of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy complications, stroke and gout to name a few. Unbalanced diet and overconsumption also proved the multifactorial etiology of obesity.

Also present was speaker Puan Mashitah binti Mohamed, Nutritionist from Ministry of Health who in her talk advocated healthy food consumption in our daily diet by cutting down on sugars and fast food. Speaker Puan Norashida from International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) also shared about childhood obesity and its risk besides providing tips on breastfeeding, she said, "The longer an infant is breastfed, the lower the risk the baby has of being overweight as he matures".

The spirits of visitors at the concourse area were lifted as scores of student nurses suddenly broke into a dance of breast feeding flash mob. The whole idea was to raise awareness that childhood obesity can be prevented from the day an infant is born.

The successful event demonstrated that KDU College and the Penang state's commitment to make Penang a healthier place by advocating awareness in healthy living. It was so wonderful to see so many people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate nurses day with the message "Closing the Gap: From Evidence to Action".

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