KDU College Penang’s CODE Design Students’ shine at the Chocolate and Coffee Museum, Penang |

KDU College Penang’s CODE Design Students’ shine at the Chocolate and Coffee Museum, Penang

KDU College Penang's students from the Centre of Design Excellence (CODE) participated in the Arty-Crafty Bazaar, held on 25 May 2013. Located within the vicinity of the Penang UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, the event was a delight for art enthusiasts given the plethora of creative crafts that were on sale such as oil paintings, knickknacks, sock plushs, 3D modelling artifacts, origami art, pencil drawing masterpieces, patchworks and much more. Children were seen drawn to racks filled with plush toys.

KDU College Penang's CODE design students set up booths to sell threaded bookmarks, stone paintings, printed tees, face and body art services, Do-It-Yourself handphone cases, photography prints, pixel-art and fashion accessories.

Despite the cloudy weather, many visitors patronised KDU's booth although the highlight of the event was a massive Art Mural that was being constructed by KDU's senior design students at the Chocolate and Coffee Museum, at Leith Street. Designed to reflect the history and process of chocolate and coffee making, the impressive avant garde masterpiece took all of the students' skill and knowledge to complete - from the planning stage to drawing and painting the pieces, applying 3-D effects to the illustrations as well as learning to calculate the volume of paint required with color coordination. Contracted directly by the owner of the museum, the mural took a total of 2 weeks to complete under the watchful supervision of specialist design lecturers from CODE.

When completed, the mural was absolutely breath taking, drawing much praise from approving onlookers given its aesthetic values that are both meaningful and functional, important traits that define a designer's craftmanship. KDU's Design Department Head, Mr. Syed Fahmi who was especially proud of his students' work said," students learn more when they get hands-on experience. This is one of the ways to expose them to entrepreneurship too. Through industry projects like these, they will quickly learn what the customers are looking for in an artist.

The owner of the Chocolate and Coffee Museum, Masaki Nonomiya, was equally pleased with the quality of the mural and complimented the students for their imagination and creativity. He further added that members of the public would be invited to view this eye-catching mural that hopefully will help them appreciate chocolates and coffee better.

The KDU Education Group, an integrated education provider that offers quality tertiary education, has been proudly collaborating with various industry partners and enterprises for the 30 years. The Group believes that experiential learning is the cornerstone for success and that industry assignments such as these will help further develop the talents of its students, and provide the pathway to greater employability prospects, upon graduation.


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