KDU College Penang’s nursing graduate score big…in Singapore! |

KDU College Penang’s nursing graduate score big…in Singapore!

KDU College Penang's School of Nursing and Allied Health reaffirmed its status as a premier faculty for producing industry sought after graduates when another batch of students were offered job placements in Singapore well before the official results were released.

One of the nursing graduates, Ms. Goh Soo Yee who recently accepted a job offer from the Singapore Changi Hospital said that it will be a great opportunity to work in Singapore as she will be exposed to a different work environment and culture in a country that has world-class hospitals, thus enabling her to broaden her horizons. When asked what motivated her to become a nurse, she relied. "I like to help people, and I do feel happy and satisfied when the patients I take care of, fully recover from their ailments."

Another recipient, Ng Chin Chen said that the job offer in Singapore was too good to refuse, as working in a busy hospital will enable her to improve her multi-tasking skills. She was very appreciative of the support given by her lecturers. "I am especially thankful to Ms Magesvari Subramaniam because she always taught us the easiest way to understand and remember the topics using mind mapping" said Chin Chen who aspires to be a staff nurse, and one that is responsible, caring and knowledgeable.

Singapore bound Moses Gerard, who will be attached to the Alexandria Hospital in Singapore, comes from a humble background. Having worked previously on a part-time basis in a hospital environment, he became interested in pursuing a nursing career. He has not looked back since then. However said Moses Gerard, "My initial challenge was to adapt to a new environment" being the only male nurse in his class but he quickly adapted and was a fast learner, using new technologies such as nursing Mobile Apps. He also advised aspiring student nurses to learn as much as possible to improve one's knowledge and be helpful in every way.

Nursing is undoubtedly a noble profession to pursue and as such, Mdm. Teow Gek Kee who is the Head of the KDU College Penang's School of Nursing and Allied Health said that a good nurse should possess strong qualities such as being forward thinking and having a positive outlook, a caring nature and an agile mind because such traits are important in situations that call for leadership and the ability to handle emergencies and critical care smoothly.

The future clearly looks bright for KDU College Penang's nursing graduates given the high demand for nurses as well as an unprecedented boom in the medical tourism industry. To help meet the industry's discerning needs, the School is collaborating with various prestigious hospitals in Penang and as well as other states to facilitate clinical practices in order to provide students with the right exposure to new nursing techniques.

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