KDU College Penangs Business Students shine as entrepreneurs at sales carnival |

KDU College Penangs Business Students shine as entrepreneurs at sales carnival

Ten teams comprising forty-five senior students from KDU College Penang's (KDU Penang) Diploma in Business program participated in the annual Sales Carnival organized by the department that was held on the 17th and 18th June 2013. They had their business skills put to the test through the actual development and running of small FMCG business stalls as part of their Entrepreneurship Class practical learning module. Modeled after the famed Startup Weekends by Microsoft and Google, this experiential learning activity gave students the ideal platform to create ideas, build teams, sell and outsmart each other by highlighting their product USP's in a closed environment that comprised their peers at KDU Penang.

While it may be difficult for some to develop a business plan for a sales carnival, KDU's Business Diploma students find it a breeze, being an integral part of their academic learning modules. According to KDU College Penang's Business Department Head, Mr. Prakash Lachmanan, "For the past 30 years, we have been a firm believer in guiding our students to physically realize what they have learnt in their lectures through experiential learning modules. As such, industry field trips and entrepreneurship development activities such as these will help them to understand the business world better, and mold them into industry ready professionals for the future."

Various types of creative business products were marketed and sold by the students at the Sales Carnival with many making a sizeable profit from their sales. Among the many creative stalls set-up was one called Delightful Treats that focused on the importance of health by selling organic, low fat, gluten-free, high fiber and low sodium pastries. One of the group's members, Tung Soo Yan, said that the idea came from their objective, which was to create a business that was both profitable as well as being socially responsible. This stemmed from their observation that youths today consumed too much food that are high both in sugar content as well as preservatives and that it could lead to the development of chronic diseases. This inspired them to sell health sensitive pastries to create awareness among youths with regard to the importance of maintaining a balanced diet , while at the same time ensuring profitability.

Other teams focused on "moving" products that have a continuous generational appeal to all markets. One of these stalls called 'Waka Waka Shop' based their business philosophy on selling 'what that works' and as such, were seen promoting popular items such as mini chicken burgers, pancakes and murukku. One of its team-member, Chetvinder Singh, who said the organization of such events by the Business Department helps to harness the students' entrepreneurial skills, self-reliant and accountability for decisions taken.

KDU College Penang's Sales Carnival Advisor and Business Lecturer, Mr. Johnson Ng believed that the teams took home valuable business lessons such as efforts count when it comes to pooling resources, extending collaborations and finding solutions to problems identified. He also said, "Students learn first-hand experience from these experiences. In this industry, it is vital for them to learn the importance of building networks within the community and aligning their goals to current business trends. It was fun to actually see them pitching for customers and those who planned ahead were the ones who mostly got the optimal results".

The Sales Carnival concluded with most of the teams having achieved successful sales. As it was an event to remember, KDU College Penang plans to organize more experiential learning activities in line with its commitment to deliver quality industry-ready graduates for the future.

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