KDU January intake students celebrate the beginning of the Dragon Year in style! |

KDU January intake students celebrate the beginning of the Dragon Year in style!

The Dragon year is said to be bringing prosperity to many and this is certainly the case for KDU College Penang and its students as it opened its 2012 with a bang. KDU welcomed its new students into the new their life with a fun packed comprehensive orientation from the 9th to 10th January 2012.

Hundreds of new students begin flowing into the college as early as 8 am to register themselves for the orientation to avoid the big crowd that normally ensues come 9 am. It was almost like the first day school for many of the KDU Freshies as many of their parents accompanied them for their first day as their enter the next important phase of their lives.

The Orientation started off the speech customaries from KDU's management committee before they were brought to their various academic schools to meet their school heads for the academic department introduction. There was certainly plenty of buzz and excitement going on amongst the 'freshies' as they went through the tour on the college's 300 000 square feet campus as well as various ice breaking sessions to get them accustomed to their new environment and friends.

KDU's Principal Dr. Chong Beng Keok was also please with the outcome of the orientation day while stating that "Orientation days such as these days are important as it sets the 'freshies' in the right mind set for the next phase of their lives which will be very different from practice they have been used during their high school days.

KDU's Marketing Manager, Mr. Neoh Soon Ken was also a picture of smiles as he stated this the Orientation Day was held in the big KDU auditorium this year due to the record amount of students that have enrolled for KDU's programs for the January 2012 intake. He also added that this has been KDU Penang's best January enrolment for the past 7 years which also recorded record intakes for the A-Levels, Business and Mass Communication programs. He further mentioned that this record enrolment also signaled the public's trust in the quality of the KDU brand.

The excitement continued on for the next two days as the 'freshies' made new friends and were excitedly going into classes to start the next phase of their lives. After all, with the Dragon Year Chinese New Year Celebrations just around the corner – Who wouldn't?

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