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The Penang LEGO Robotics Program


The Penang LEGO Robotics Program is initiated by the Penang Science Council (PSC) under its Sustainable Education and Learning pillar. Working together with partners in the industry, this program aims to promote awareness of the contributions of local professional scientists, promote science education, and support innovative and entrepreneurial students as they progress into careers in the advanced technology industries. The targeted groups are students from the primary, secondary and post-secondary schools and institutions.


The program makes use of the LEGO Mindstorms Robotic kits. This kit consists of LEGO building bricks, sensors, motors and a programmable micro-controller. All these parts can be used innovatively to construct various robots. The kit was first introduced into the market by the LEGO Group back in 1998. Implementation

This program starts with the industry partners sponsoring a minimum of 30 LEGO Mindstorms sets. Chosen schools will work with specially trained coaches from the industry (240 projects are planned per year).

A competitive league is created with two state-wide competitions per year. The league champions will progress to compete in the national league, whose champion will be promoted to compete in the world-wide league. This league is patterned after the existing First LEGO League (

Coaches play a special role here. They come from the technological industry itself (for example Motorola, NI, Intel, Dell, Osram, Seagate, B.Braun, Vitrox and Nationgate), and are specially trained by KDU. They are prepared to play their role in giving back to the society and nurture these students to learn, explore, appreciate and love science and technology through creating innovative robots. They will guide, nudge, encourage, and coax the students to become problem solvers by allowing them to discover the solutions themselves.

Lego Robotic activities carried out or planned by the pillar include:

Oct 2010 to Jan 2011 Train-the-Trainer Session
January 2011 Penang Robotics Launch
February 2011 First LL in KL
April 2011 PSC Robotics Challenge
Dec 2011 PSC Robotics Camp