Producing KDU I.R (Industry-Ready) Graduates by teaching tomorrow’s technology – Today! |

Producing KDU I.R (Industry-Ready) Graduates by teaching tomorrow’s technology – Today!

Penang's longest standing private higher education technology school has always stood by the philosophy of incorporating the latest technological trends into its education syllabus. This relentless determination of the school has in turn helped KDU to produce industry ready graduates for the past 21 years in Penang, and many of its alumni are in fact captains of the industries they are in today.

According to the CEO and Principal of KDU College, Penang, Dr. Chong Beng Keok, the Engineering and Information Technology departments which are the pillars of the School Engineering, Science and Technology, KDU have been building its inner strength by constantly upgrading their education syllabi to incorporate the latest technological trends to stay relevance in today's competitive job market. This is manifested by the significant number of KDU alumni holding commanding positions as captains in the technological industries.

Dr. Chong further explained that the School of Engineering, Science and Technology offers quality programs fine-tuned with valuable inputs from Advisory board members who are the veterans in Penang-based technological industries. KDU's students are exposed to latest technological trends and skill sets, thus making the graduates highly employable and sought after by employers of the industries.

Dr. Chong opined that the workplace will become fully virtual in the foreseeable future. Students of KDU Information Technology Department are trained in Cloud Computing and mobile computing technology which facilitate expertise collaboration and knowledge sharing in the workplace or across the globe. With the specially designed, industry driven curriculum, students will be able to keep pace with revolution in office technology which is happening at a rapid pace with low-power, high capacity hand- held computing gadgets replacing conventional PC desktop applications.

In going the extra mile, KDU's computing students are also taught using Oracle university student guide eKits on Live Virtual Classes and assessed using Microsoft Technology Associate examinations. They are also professionally trained and certified with SAGE UBS Accounting and EC-Council IT Security qualifications to help them to achieve differentiation through diversification of their knowledge and skill sets. The exciting vibe buzzing around the school has dynamically moved CELCOM, the country's leading telecommunications giant, to take a strategic and intelligent initiative of collaborating with KDU under CELCOM-LEDC (League of Extraordinary Developer's Challenge) program to produce next generation techno savvy mobile application graduates. All these new elements have certainly enhanced the learning experience of students in KDU's list of wide ranging programmes which covers University of Northumbria 3+0 B.Sc. (Hons) in Computing Studies, UOL 3+0 Bsc (Hons) in Creative Computing, KDU Diploma in Computer Studies, KDU Diploma in Games Technology and KDU Certificate in Information Technology academic programs.

Beaming with pride, KDU's Technology Head - Ms. Amy Leow also shared that KDU's Engineering Department incubates the same philosophy in all its industry recognized engineering programs such as the Northumbria, UK 3+0 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Diploma in Microelectronics and Diploma in Mechatronics programs. Famed for producing top notch electrical and electronic engineers, the KDU Engineering Department ensures that its graduates get first priority in the Penang Silicon Valley employment race by training its students in the latest VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technology which is the field that involves the packing of large amounts of logic devises into Integrated Circuits or ICs (the term used in the semiconductor industry). She further elaborated that the students are trained to use the latest 'Synopsys software' which is a visual programming and rapid prototyping tool designing and developing complex applications in VLSI Design. Students gain instant advantage as this is also the latest version that is being used in most of today's IC manufacturing companies.

KDU's Engineering Academic Head, Mr. Alec Foong also concurred that this VLSI circuits are used in everyday technological devices such as Computers, Cars, Digital  Cameras, Mobile phones and iPads thus making this knowledge essential for future budding engineers who are looking to get ahead in the semiconductor industry. In fact, majority of the semiconductor industry have placed it as an employment requirement for which candidates will have to fulfill during a job interview. He also highlighted that their effort to incorporate essential industry- related skills and knowledge in the program's syllabus and student projects have earned the approval and compliment of their board of advisors who sang praises of the department's effort. One of the board's key members Dr. SB Khoh said "I applaud KDU for introducing the state-of-the-art electronic design automation (EDA) facility to its Electrical and Electronic Engineering department. This opens up the opportunity for KDU students to keep themselves abreast with the electronic and semiconductor industry practices; starting from system-level design, design verification until manufacturing. Industry-relevant final year projects further allow the students to acquire the necessary industry-relevant competencies for a smooth transition into the industry workforce."

Dr. Chong Beng Keok agreed to this and pointed out that KDU Penang is the only private higher education institution that has this training facility in Malaysia. This means all KDU Penang engineering graduates automatically get a good head start in the employment race which explains why its graduates are often snapped up by MNCs even before they officially graduate. With advantages such as the above available for KDU Penang technology graduates, it is no wonder that the 29 year old education brand is reaching new milestones after another for its academic offerings. Like it proudly says in all of its taglines – THINK QUALITY. THINK KDU!

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