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Prospective jobs and placement talks

Prospective jobs and placement talks: Once again, KDU Penang features a slew of prestigious speakers and amazing job opportunities.

KDU College Penang's mission statement is not just to provide premier quality education but also to offer students various opportunities for employment after graduation. To do this under our KDU Industry Collaboration Initiative, we've organized various career talks throughout the year of which 3 industry giants were in KDU recently to conduct a career talk and walk in interview for the students of KDU Penang and the companies were none other than Sony Penang, Speedwing Malaysia and Air Asia.

First up was the Sony Penang career talk for the engineering students of KDU Penang. Presided over by members of the talent, management and training department at Sony Penang, the Sony career talk and walk in interview was conducted on the 2nd of August, 2011. It featured three in-depth talks by Sony Penang's most senior developers, which introduced students to the Sony company policy and the work expectations of a Sony employee.

Energized and inspired by the talk, 29 of the KDU Engineering School's best and brightest students waited with their resumes and bated breath, ready to impress the interviewers and snag the proffered jobs. This great opportunity certainly provides a fantastic opportunity for Engineering students to start their career at one the world's top electronics giant.

Our second talk involved Speedwing Malaysia on the 21st July 2011. Speedwing is an organization that facilitates student exchange and internship programs for Malaysia students around the world. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Singapore, Speedwing Malaysia provides exchange programs and internship for students, fresh graduates and qualified working adults in Singapore, USA and New Zealand. This service by Speedwing offers a unique opportunity for students in their respective field of study to gain a new insight on cultural exposures and global work experiences. To do this, Speedwing serves as a program facilitator, assisting one to obtain an internship placement and provide guidance throughout one's stay in the respective country. The student who attended this talk were also excited as the exchange program is also open for applicants from different field of study which includes business, hospitality, art, computing and technology and so much more.

KDU College Penang also recently hosted a career talk conducted by Air Asia to promote its prospective careers to the students of KDU's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. Held on the 20th July 2011, the talk featured a representative from Air Asia who provided students with an overview of what it takes to work for a major airline.

KDU Hospitality and Culinary Arts students were awestruck by the many benefits of being a full-time Air Asia ground staff, and were encouraged to send their resumes in by the end of the talk. Truly, it was a fabulous opportunity to be had by all, and many students clamored for the chance to get their careers soaring.

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