Robotic Challenge 2017 |

Robotic Challenge 2017

Event:Robotic Challenge 2017
Date:18 November 2017
Time:9.00 am - 4.00 pm
Venue:Auditorium, KDU Penang University College (Level 6)

The nature of the competition is to build a robot that is able to collect balls from the game field and score it back into their team respective scoring bin. There are two different types of ball and each ball has different point. The robot must be able to collect the ball autonomously without the interference of any human operator. The team that scores the highest point wins the match. The robot build may use any controller. Although LEGO building blocks is allowed for the mechanical structure, the use of Arduino and 3D printing is highly recommended.
Goals and Objectives
  • To cultivate the engineering culture and interest towards science and mathematics through robotic challenge among the secondary school students.
  • To allow the students to practice teamwork.
  • To train the students how to think critically.