SMK Convent Butterworth girls emerge champion in KDU College Penang Radio Commercial contest |

SMK Convent Butterworth girls emerge champion in KDU College Penang Radio Commercial contest

Ms. Kor Shyn Lyn, Anudiinee, Sahrlveenaa Nair and May Tan Hui Shan from SMK Convent Butterworth emerged champions of Let's Take a Commercial 2013, an annual event organised by KDU College Penang (KDU Penang). This year's competition was held on 29th June 2013 on KDU Penang's campus, The team from SMK Convent Butterworth produced a creative radio jingle to promote Marshall's Burger that surpassed the others submitted by teams comprising more than 60 participants, from 16 other high schools throughout Penang. For their winning entry, the students won a cash prize of RM800, thanks to kind contribution made by Marshall's Burger Penang, the main sponsor of the event. For the second consecutive year, SMK Convent Butterworth emerged champion, as it was the inaugural champion in 2012. Ms. Chan Hui Lin, Teh Yi Ting, Song Ying Thong, Vanessa Choo Su Shen from SMJK Union emerged 1st Runner-up, winning a cash prize of RM600 cash while SMK Convent Light Street's Ms. Khoo Jessie, Salwa Khadija binti Kuthu Buddeen, Yeoh Jee Mei, Gayathri A/P Rajan took the 2nd Runner-up spot that came with a cash prize of RM400.

The KDU Let's Take a Commercial Break 2013 competition is an annual event organised by the Mass Communication Department of KDU Penang, specifically to raise public awareness and exposure in helping to promote the availability of various career opportunities in the broadcasting industry, in particular, radio, for high school students in Penang. The month-long competition required the participants to attend numerous radio production workshops in order to produce a given brand's product radio commercial or jingle. This year's participants were given the opportunity to apply their creativity in producing a jingle for Penang Marshall's Burger, whose unique burger creations are very popular and a big hit among youths in Penang.

The competition's judging format was a combination of grading by professional industry personnel such as Mr. Lim Wait Kit, Producer at Wretched of the Earth pictures and the brand sponsor, Marshall's Burger as well as "likes" on KDU Penang's Facebook. Evidently, the event was a big hit among the public with some recordings generating more than 1000+ hits over 5 days which was the duration of the judging of the competition.

The wining teams not only won attractive prizes, but more importantly, got to acquire 'behind the scenes' experience and exposure that are essential in order to produce a radio commercial. They now have a better understanding about what the radio industry has to offer in terms of career opportunities, and what it takes to succeed in the industry. The team from SMK Convent Butterworth who emerged champions was full of praise as according to them, "We feel that this competition has got us to listen to and appreciate radio commercials now that we understand the amount of effort that is needed to successfully produce a radio commercial. We wish to thank KDU Penang and Marshall's Burger for the wonderful opportunity given that has enabled us to showcase our potential." Even the parents of the participants were impressed with the organisation of the competition with one who came to support her daughter from SMJK Jit Sin stating that, "The sharing session by the industry personnel was especially helpful, particularly in knowing the kind of career outlook my daughter will have if she studies mass communication in the future."

The main sponsor of the event, Marshall's Burger, which generously contributed cash prizes totalling RM2500 for the winners, were also impressed by the participants' raw talent and work ethics especially considering that all of them were first timers in producing radio commercials. Some of the jingles produced were so good that Marshall's Burger is seriously considering using them to promote their new burger lines, should they decide to run a radio commercial promotion in the future.

KDU Penang's Mass Communication Department's Ms. Sarrata, who was the Lecturer-in-charge of the competition, also concurred with the opinion of many and stated that most of the participants did very well considering this is their first time in a recording studio environment. She further commented, "They were very excited during their recording sessions and were amazed by our recording facilities."

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