An expedition of inspiration |

An expedition of inspiration

20 students from KDU Centre of Design Excellence (CODE) had an experiential field trip to the Lion City on 19-23 August 2014, accompanied by 2 experienced lecturers - Ms Sharon Ooi and En. Maizul Affendy bin Baharudin.


This inaugural trip for students from Creative Media Design programme was organised with the objectives to give exposure about the advertising industry as well as for them to practise what they have learned in class through various activities.


Maizul explained that students were given special assignments during the 5-days trip, whereby they were to prepare daily photo journals of what they have seen, analyse it and present the findings at the end of the trip. Simultaneously, students were also intellectually-trained on how to be an outstanding and accountable designer with leadership skills as well as able to work in a team. All these invaluable experiences were parts of what CODE has to offer, to prepare our students well for the industry.


“We visited Singapore Art Museum, Reddot Design Museum Singapore, La Salle College of Arts Singapore and Grey Group Asia. It was such an eye-opener for the students as they were truly impressed and inspired, especially with the cutting-edge facilities and experience sharing sessions by the professionals.” Maizul expounded.


“Singapore was chosen as the trip destination as it is a creative hub in Asia where we can ascertain a balance in life, where art and society are bonded together. Students learn from everyday life in the city from a simple MRT signage for directions or signs for disabled. Arts and design are something aesthetically attractive to people, thus it indirectly creates psychological awareness in people if it is well presented. This is how arts and designs work!”


Apart from learning, students had splendid time at the Universal Studio Singapore before heading home.  It was indeed a fruitful trip for both students and lecturers as it harnessed team spirit among all as well as instilled knowledge and insights of international standard masterpieces.