KDU Penang’s student chefs win big in Seoul, Korea! |

KDU Penang’s student chefs win big in Seoul, Korea!

Student chefs from KDU College Penang (KDU Penang) have done the college and country proud again! Congratulations to our Malaysian Junior Team who outshone their international peers, once again, at the International Youth Chefs Challenge 2013 that was held in Seoul, Korea, from 6-9 November 2013.

Five young chefs from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts who represented Malaysia, competed against teams from 18 countries namely Australia, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, South Africa, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, UAE and USA.

Led by the School's F&B Instructor, Chef Chuah Lay Yen, the team comprised KDU Penang's Diploma in Professional Chef Trainingalumni Khor Ying Jia, Sean Lim Boon Ghee, Tan Zhi Hong and two young pastry apprentices from Kuala Lumpur. They won bronze and siver medals in the cold display and hot cooking categories, respectively, for their culinary dishes.

Chef Chuah Lay Yen who was the Team Manager remarked that the trip had given the young chefs an opportunity to gain new experience and exposure to learning new things. "We were all new to Seoul and thus faced difficulties in getting the ingredients we needed. It was a real challenge for us to make changes on the spot and to find substitutes that will go along with our dishes. As such, I truly applaud the team as they were unruffled in such a situation. They have certainly made Malaysians proud!" said Chef Lay Yen.

This latest accolades garnered by the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts of KDU Penang marks a very successful year for KDU Penang. The School's numerous achievements made throughout 2013 bears testament to its unrivalled status as the pioneer and best hospitality, tourism and culinary arts school in Penang as evidenced by students' continued successes, and the development of new and improved training facilities.