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Intensive English Programme

English Language Course In Penang, Malaysia

Learners will be able to acquire the core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the course. These skills are taught in an enjoyable and activity-centred environment to make learning a pleasure. To further enhance their English language skills and 21st century skills, project-based learning is introduced in this course. Working on projects in teams, learners not only reinforce their communication skills, but also strengthen their problem-solving skills, time-management skills, and research-gathering techniques using technological tools. With these combined skills, learners become autonomous drivers of their future.
At the end of this course, learners would have undergone a thorough grounding in all aspects of grammar and comprehensive training in the core skills which provide them with a solid foundation to facilitate better learning in the future.
The programme consists of 5 levels of study: English Level 1, English Level 2A, English Level 2B, English Level 3A and English Level 3B. Students are required to sit for a placement test prior to the commencement of the course to determine their level of proficiency.
English Level 1 (N/KJP/00005)
English Level 2A (N/KJP/00006)
English Level 2B (N/KJP/00007)
English Level 3A (N/KJP/00060)
English Level 3B (N/KJP/00069)

This programme provides pathways to:
  • Selected diploma / degree programmes at KDU Penang UC
Please speak to our Education Advisor for further information.
Programme Structure
8 weeks per level
KDU Penang University College
Study Route
Fees & Intakes
  • 22 January
  • 25 February
  • 8 April
  • 6 May
  • 17 June
  • 15 July
  • 26 August
  • 23 September
  • 29 October
  • 25 November

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Finance should not be a barrier to enrolling in this programme.
Entry Requirements
For Local Students Only
Local student – not requiredN/A