Student Testimonial

Student Testimonial

Wilson Wang Chong Keat
华语Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management & Marketing
华语I was not a leader back in my high school days but I learnt and was trained to be one when I was with KDU Penang. I joined Student Council and it has definitely shaped me into a more organised, responsible and caring person. My days at KDU Penang were simply memorable with the many exposures and life experiences besides gaining the knowledge from the classroom.

I am glad to have chosen KDU Penang for my tertiary education. The Keele programme I studied has furnished me with the Business Management knowledge and prepared me for my career. The soft skills I learnt through organizing activities also contributed to who I am today.
Laureen Quah Ming Hui
Diploma in Communication
I discovered my true passion at KDU Penang! I wasn’t a public speaker during my high school but I just realised how much I love hosting and emceeing events after my first attempt at the KDU Gala prom. There are just endless opportunities at KDU. We were skilled intellectually in our field of studies; we were showed to different career paths and we just have to find out what suit ourselves best. My advice to who are still exploring, just dream and work for it, you can achieve it!

Eric Shaun Seaton
Bachelor of Communication and Public Relations
I wouldn’t be who I am today without the guidance from all the good lecturers at KDU Penang especially Mr Paul and Mr Andrew. At KDU, we learned differently! We learned inside and outside the classroom, we participated in organising various events which made our learning process fun and practical. All the skills learned, particularly the PR skill actually helps in getting my first job as well as in dealing with people from all walks of life.

Vincent Hing
Bachelor of Science in Computing Studies
I recall, I was a shy boy when I first joined KDU College Penang (KDU Penang). However, over the course of 4 years, KDU Penang has shaped me into a leader. I became more outgoing and I built my own social circle. I will go the distance to help my peer for their priceless smile.

Bobby Choo Wei Xiong
Degree in Computing and Information Systems
The KDU Penang IT education certainly provided me with a solid base to fuel my career. The very well-tailored programme at KDU Penang encompassed invaluable soft skills such as business communication and industry-related skills like programming languages helped to prepare me for the industry. The wide-ranging programme syllabi definitely made me a more versatile person at work which as well helped to secure my first job.

Adrian Teo Wei Hong
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Lecturers in KDU College Penang (KDU Penang) are always very helpful and supportive. KDU College Penang has not only helping me to build up my technical skills in engineering but also the soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills and also how to work as a team.

Kong Xuan
Diploma in PCT
Graduate of 2004
After my graduation in 2004, I left Penang to start my career in Fairmont Hotel and Swissotel the Stamford in Singapore, from where I raised in rank from cook to sous chef within my 10 year career including winning medals in international competitions. I was attached to a 5-star hotel in Bangkok before returning to Penang to open my own restaurant, Violet House, in Batu Ferringhi. My passion for culinary arts makes me continue to try and learn new things everyday and hope that young chefs everywhere have the same commitment and passion to succeed in this industry.

Dave Hu
Higher Diploma in IHTM
KDU Penang is one of the best colleges here for Hospitality and Catering. The facilities are very complete and I was able to gain a diverse set of skills through its practical lessons. During my time here, I learnt so much and made many friends from all over the world, so I will always cherish the memories of my experiences in KDU Penang. One of the highlights of my experiences as a student was being able to work with lecturers who always stressed the importance of customers and deliver services that are always beyond their expectations.